Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunday Stroll...

We had rain, most of the weekend.  It all added up to about three inches here.

When the rain ended, the sun came out and it was a beautiful day....if a bit soggy.

The water was up in the creek.  So, we went out to check it out.
Willow goes along, too...if we don't go to far from home.

I'm not sure we'll ever tire of the water running down the creek.

And, rushing over the waterfall.

We walked back up to the cart path and toward the grove.  
Above is the view golfers get of the house.  Not the best view...but, better than it was.

Looking back at the house from the Deer Grove...the trees make a nice frame.
That planter is really uneven...hmmm.

Willow stayed with us the whole way.

In Elli's Meadow, there are verbena blooming, already.

And, this little yellow flower.  I think it had closed up for the night.  
Not sure what it is. 
There are lots of wildflowers coming up....mostly Mexican Hats and verbena.

Full circle, we grabbed some glasses of wine and sat in the swing for a while.
Always, always in the company of deer.

This little yearling doe is very small for her age.

She's barely larger than a fawn.  Maybe the drought last summer stunted her growth.

Soon, the lady and the large black Great Dane came along on their walk.  That big dog is one of the few things that will spook them.  So, off the ran.

We finished our wine, and headed to the house, to start the fire for grilled salmon and roasted veggies.

Life Is Good...


  1. Linda…I loved these photos. I almost felt like I was there. Thank you so much for sharing! Life Is Good!

  2. Perfect spring evening...those spectator deer are simply amazing. You're lucky they don't get ahold of your spare house keys, and take over ownership when you leave for a few days!!

  3. After that nasty drought, an idyllic spring would be just what the doctor ordered. Life is good!


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