Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Back Home...

We took a few days, and drove up to Kansas.  Our daughter and her family have moved from 
North Dakota, to south central Kansas.  
A MUCH easier drive....

I'll show you an interesting place we visited.

But first...can you guess what we're doing?  

The weeds have taken over!

Happy Gardening...


  1. Ahhh....Yes, the weeds! There are so many of them, thanks to the rain. Should be a great wildflower season:)

  2. Welcome back! Look forward to your travel pics. We have so many weeds this year compared to last also.

  3. My cup runneth over with weeds and I haven't even finished cleaning up all the fall leaves yet. Any word yet on those 48 hour days?

  4. The weeding job is just never done…especially this time of year. We have had some nice rains and temperatures have been lovely, so all the better to germinate those weeds. I know we have to just concentrate on some of the good parts of our gardens and try our best to stay one step ahead of the weeds. Sometimes this time of year, I call it the run-away garden, because I’m trying my best to stay caught up with the weeding.

  5. We made some headway with the weeds. Who knows how long that will last. Gotta get some mulch down.
    But, love this rain, so won't complain too loudly. I'm hoping this is the last cold front, though.


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