Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kansas Visiting....

Keeper of the Plains

I told you recently, that our daughter and her family have moved from way up north, 
in North Dakota, to south central Kansas. 
Almost one thousand miles closer.

Photo by Son-in-Law

So, to celebrate the move, we went up for a visit.  We did give them a couple weeks to get settled in.
We'll be seeing more of these two...and, their parents, too, of course.

We took a drive into Wichita to see some sights.  
We spent the most time at the
Keeper of the Plains.

Photo by Son-in-Law

This sculpture and interpretive center, stands at the confluence of 
the Arkansas and the Little Arkansas rivers.

Plains Indians used this site as a camping area.

Exhibits of Native American lifestyle add more interest.

A plaque explains the Plains People's Circle of Life.
The Hoop is the symbol of the world.
Half is a physical realm, half spiritual.
The number four is prominent in their belief....
the four seasons, four directions, four elements, etc.

In the center is a turtle.
The Plains People believed that we're all floating on the back of a turtle,
through a primordial sea.

The turtle is represented in several places.

In the evenings, these fire pits, which circle the front of the sculpture, are lit.

We didn't stay for that.  But, maybe next time, that would be a nice thing to do.

Back at the house, there were a couple things I didn't recognize.

This tree for one.

The bark was very interesting.

And, these look like some kind of bulb.  I've never planted many bulbs, so don't recognize these.

Anybody know the tree or these bulbs?

Again, photo by Son-in-Law

We had a great time, and we'll be doing it again sometime soon.
There are sure to be more photo opportunities ahead.  
Happy days, for sure.

Oh....and we're making headway on those weeds, too.

Happy Gardening...


  1. The mystery tree = River Birch / Betula nigra...takes more heat than other birches, but not sure how far south and it needs lawn / bald cypress irigation. Had it in OK.

    Nice trip...I should go through there again. Alot of new things since my last visit in 1988!

    1. Thanks for the tree ID. I'll pass that on. I thought some kind of birch, but wasn't sure. Love that bark, though.

  2. Looks like you had a fun trip. The emerging foliage looks like a daffodil or narcissus. They'll see when it blooms of course.

  3. The bulb I believe is naked ladies. The birch is very common in Oklahoma and Kansas. Botanica in Wichita has an awesome tulip show in April. And there used to be a concert at the Arb in Bell Plain. Link is this was pretty cool. Not as good as Austin but ok.

  4. I love the Keeper of the Plains against the big blue sky. I will add this to my list of places to visit! And congrats on having your family closer - you must be thrilled.

  5. I loved seeing the photos from your trip. I also really like River Birch trees. They are very common in Houston and I have admired them for years. I often wish I had the space for more trees.


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