Monday, March 19, 2012

Didn't Share....

Remember just the other day, on Bloomday, I showed you the beautiful red flowered strawberry?

Remember the bonus of a big red berry?  Others are coming.  
But, I figured Mr. P and I would just share this very first one.
Just waiting for it to get completely ripe.

But, no!  Somebody got there first!!

I'm not sure who it was. 
 A raccoon would've taken the whole thing, and left no evidence.
A bird would've left a hole in it, where he pecked it.
I'm thinking it's probably a squirrel.  Took a big bite, and left the rest.

Could it be he meant to share?

I better keep an eye on the other ones.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Oh no! It looks so delicious, no wonder they couldn't resist a bite:) Hopefully, you can get to the next Strawberry before the critter does.

  2. That's not nice and whatever it was didn't even finish it! You'll probably have to cover the whole plant with a net.

  3. This pink-red flower is just wonderful! Sad you didn't have the chance to taste the first strawberry but it worth it because the flowers are so attractive! If I find that kind of strawberry plant, I will certainly give it a chance in my garden! 8)

  4.'re much more good natured about that than I would be! Squirrels are giving me fits right now. They like to sharpen their teeth on the Japanese Maple branches. Good luck with future berries...they sure are pretty.

  5. I bet that squirrel was pleased as punch to have that beautiful berry for breakfast...yummy

  6. Bloody varmints! That strawberry looks perfect about now...good luck keeping the others for yourself.

  7. I am sure it was a feast for them! At least it made such a pretty picture!


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