Thursday, March 15, 2012

Garden Blogger' Bloomday...March 2012...

Here we are at the middle of the month, when Garden Bloggers 
show off what is blooming in their gardens.

There's not much blooming here at Patchwork Garden.  But, here goes.

Above is Mealy Blue Sage, Salvia farinacea.  It's not usually this early here, 
but maybe our mild winter sped it up.

This is the third year for this Silver Bush Germander, Teucrium fruticans
and, it's the first time it's bloomed.  I like those little blue flowers.
Is this the year it 'leaps'?
You know the old garden saying..
First year sleeps
Second year creeps
Third year leaps.
We need some leaping plants, around here.

The Primrose Jasmine, Jasminum mesnyi, is still going strong.

I love those sunny little blooms.

This red Autumn Sage, Salvia greggii, is blooming nicely.
It got missed, when I cut back all the others.  Now, I just can't cut it back until it finishes blooming.
I need some blooms....

I'm still loving this red-blooming Strawberry.  The red bloom and those glossy dark leaves are great.

And, we get the bonus of fruit.  This is our first one.  Mr. P and I will have to share this one.

Over in the Veggie Garden, the Sugar Snap Peas are blooming and putting on some peas...finally.
Doesn't that pretty little bloom look like a Holly Hobby bonnet?

This is the first time we've had a bloom on the Red Yucca, Hesperole parviflora.
Somehow, I was able to fool the deer, with this tomato cage wrapped in deer mesh.

This is not a true Yucca.  But, that's what we call it.
The deer might munch a bit on the ends of the 'leaves'.  But, mostly leave it alone.

But, they love the blooms...of all Yuccas.  
I love it too.  So, I'm glad they've left this one alone....for now.

Last, but certainly not least...the Violas are still blooming nicely.
The Pansies have some blooms, but have slowed down.  Maybe it's this warm weather.

So, that's what's blooming here.
Be sure to visit Carol at May Dreams Garden
for more beautiful blooming gardens.

Check back in tomorrow for
Foliage Follow-Up.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Nice blooms for a slow March. Your caged hesperaloe flower gave me a good laugh.

    I love the Silver Bush Germander, I need to check into that one. I'm a big fan of silver plants in the garden.

    1. You gotta work all kinds of tricks with deer around.

      With the Germander...I got a small, 2" or 4" cutting, at a Mater Gardener booth at a garden show a couple years ago. It's moved slowly, but this year is really looking like it will shine. It's supposed to be six foot, when mature....and, drought tolerant.

  2. Your red-blooming Strawberry is Gorgeous! Never grown strawberries before. Might have to try this year:)

  3. aloha linda,

    i really love your yucca, stunning - definitely worth fencing off :)

  4. Oh your strawberry looks delicious! I've grown them, but a long time ago. I also like that Germander--not one that I've grown. Nice shots!

  5. I want some germander. The name just rolls off the tongue so smoothly and I need more herbs. I think somebody told me that one could make a little germander hedge. My rosemary for a hedge LEAPT!

    1. I have a couple rosemary bushes that are leaping this year.
      This bush germander is supposed to get six feet tall and wide. So, I would think it would make a good hedge.

  6. Hi Linda,
    I love all of these and they certainly look beautiful in your garden. Your HEADER is absolutely sensational! Wish I was that talented to combine photos like that.
    Happy GBBD!

    1. Thanks for the nice words about the header. It's just a collage that I stretched to fit the blog template. I was a little nervous about doing it. But, it worked. Might try to keep it updated for seasons.
      By the have a nice header. Love those close ups.

  7. Linda, the deer nip the tips on my yucca in winter when there isn't much food...this winter was so mild there wasn't much damage. I've never had a problem with them eating the blooms on my yucca. I love salvia greggii and have different colors and varieties. Great plants.

    1. I love your deer garden. There are things your deer don't bother, that our deer will eat to the ground. We just have SO many. But, they've left some things alone this winter, with all our rain.
      They do eat all the yucca blooms around here. If it's a tall yucca, with the blooms up high, they can't get to it. I've witnessed them 'pruning' salvia greggii, and they eat the blooms quite often.
      But, I won't give up. :)

  8. So many beautiful plants:)) LOVELY


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