Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Water, Water....

We got more rain!
There was no water coming over the cart path, Monday afternoon.

Then, Monday night...or rather, EARLY Tuesday morning...the storms came.
LOTS of noise and a terrific light show.
And, two more inches of rain.

Not all that much.  But, it came fast, and with the ground already saturated, 
there was a lot of run off.

The Falls are roaring.

Did I hear you say....this woman is obsessed with this creek?
Well...yes, she is.  It is so nice to have it HEAR it running.

But, we'll move on.

Look at the low-water bridge on Cypress Creek.

It wasn't can still see the little curbs on each side.

But, it's really flowing.  See that bid log, wedged between that little island and the bridge?
It was washed down the creek.

This is really some powerful water.

Did I hear you say....we've seen this bridge before...more than once?

OK....So, we headed over to see what the Blanco River was doing.
Here is the crossing beside our neighbor Elli's daughter's B&B.

You can't see the bumper curbs.  No crossing here.
This is the kind of water that can pick you up, and carry you away.

This is the kind of water, coming over that edge, that pushes you under, 
and tosses you around.

This peaceful river, which has been so low that you could walk across the dry, rocky bottom
is now a powerful force to behold.

Maybe it is an obsession.  But, I never tire of the power of water....
to calm or to cause fear.  But, to always, always respect.

You have to pay attention to what is there.  Know which kind of crossing you have.
If you can't tell, then don't risk it.  

Remember to take heed.  Don't take that risk.   

Turn Around, Don't Drown...


  1. I love it! The running water is fascinating! I can see why you enjoy it SO much.

    1. After such a long time with so little water in the streams and rivers, it's great to see them filling up. Love it.

  2. So good to hear that the Blanco is flowing again. I spent many, many years on that river and was shocked this summer to see it basically gone - something I hadn't witnessed in the past several decades. It was quite depressing. Here's hoping the water keeps flowing beside its towering cypress trees.

    1. The Blanco was really sad, last summer. It's flowing now, though. It's good to see.

  3. This is really impressive! And I can understand your obsession! It's true that hearing that sound is something that runs inside our head several minutes after we're gone, like when you stay a long time by the ocean, once you quit the beach, you still hear the waves embrassing the sand...

    1. english is sometimes...well...I hope you understand me! LOL

    2. Your English is fine. And, I know what you mean...that sound stays with you a long time.

  4. I am obsessed with the the all the angles of the cool would love to hear that great running water...I am a new follower of yours

  5. Absolutely. I don't think people can be reminded enough about the forces of nature. Water is certainly a powerful thing to be respected.

  6. Oh, it's such a welcome sight! The lake is rising...I can see Lake Travis as I drive into my neighborhood. It has risen 5 feet since the rain. It is a bit less than 50% full but considering it was at 30% a month ago, I'm smiling!

  7. Oh, it looks like you have a lot of rain. In Australia we have so much rain this year.

  8. I wouldn't go across there, even with the curbs in view! I have a teeny weeny little waterfall down my hill, and I love it!


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