Sunday, April 17, 2016

Lazy Sunday Afternoon...

The middle of April.
Can you believe it?

There has been some hard work going on here.
More weeding.
More mulching.
More graveling.

Because of some health issues I had last year, 
that kept me out of the garden, 
and two flooding rains that washed
away mulch and some gravel... 
there is even more to do this year.

Yes, I know there are people you can hire to help. 
I'm just too hard headed
to hire them. 
There will come a time when I don't have that choice. 

So, for now...

Things are looking better. But, the end is still a way off.

Take a walk with me. I'll show you what we've been doing.

We'll start at the front...

This is some of the mulching and graveling.
We had mulch down in this path before. It was washed away.
So, I raised the edge bricks and we're trying gravel.

Looks like this, from the other direction.

Across the bridge and into the Grass Bed. 
We had a hard rain the other day, and water washed across these bricks...

and around these rocks. I put them there to keep debris out of the agaves.
No fun getting it out.

Water went around, but washed a trail through the Grass Bed.
The black edging worked to keep water from flooding here.
And, the new rock edge by the Yuccas kept it away from them.

I left it this way for a few days. More heavy rain is forecast.
Just let it follow this path, until I can raise up another barrier.

The irises have been doing really well, this year.

Even some of the new iris, ordered and planted last fall,
are budding.

I'm loving the Yarrow. It's finally looking good.
The deer are finally leaving it alone.

Around to the back....
the rye grass (from the golf course) and Horse Herb are nice and green.
The Jerusalem Sage is blooming nicely.

Love these blooms....

Looking back the other way, from inside the fence.
I took a water break...also known as 
"Admire the work, and plan more".

No...he's not real. I placed this little resin frog in the birdbath for 
a place for the birds to sit.

The Japanese Aralia is taking off this year.

This Softleaf Yucca will need to be cleaned out.
Waiting until all the Brown Squigglies have fallen.

The new and improved AC Bed.
I'll put a vine on the trellis. Just have to decide what kind.

The Front Fence Bed is cleaned out. 
I have a few things I want to plant, but it's cleaned out...soon to be mulched.

And, back to the front.
That stone drain was here when we bought.
We added the Rio for more drainage. Sometimes, it's just not enough. 

The yucca stalk is coming right along.

We won't be sitting in the swing tonight, enjoying this view.
It's storming here today. We've only had a lot of noise, and some good rain.
More is coming, and we're hoping no really heavy rain comes
and washes away our hard work.

Still and all...
Life is Good.

I hope all is good where you are.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Things are looking really good at your place. All that rain! My to-do list doesn't seem to be getting any shorter, lots of mulching, weeding, gravelling too. But I love the garden this spring.

    1. Thanks, Ann.
      Your garden is looking really good.
      And no, the list never seems to get any shorter.

  2. All your hard work has really paid off. I love the AC screen. Maybe a clematis vine. I think the bigger vines would make mincemeat of the trellis. This year they have brought down 2 firmly attached to the wall. A yucca bloom in deer territory! Glad you have it surrounded. Jerusalem sage is gorgeous. And I hope the rain stayed in bounds.

    1. Clematis is one I'm thinking about. That area doesn't get a whole lot of sun, though.
      We had a nice rain. No downpours this time.

      Strangely, our neighbor across the street has a yucca almost completely bloomed out, and no protection. So far, it's still full.

  3. I scrolled down and up again, your garden looks wonderful. You must have done a lot of work to make it like this piece of heaven. Last photo is great should like to sit in that swing enjoying the view.

    1. Thank you.
      It is hard work. But, worth it.

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  4. Your garden is looking fresh and lovely, Linda. I hope the health problems are on the wane. Thinking of you!

    1. Thanks, Pam.
      Health is doing good. The treatments worked. For now, I'm in remission.
      Now I have some energy to tackle the garden jobs. And, there are plenty to tackle.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I'm really glad to hear it, Linda.

  5. Everything looks beautiful! I'm so glad you're well enough to garden again.

  6. Thank you for the tour of your beautiful garden. Despite flooding rain and a pause in you being able to work on it, it's still wonderful. Best wishes for continuing good health and happy, happy gardening!


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