Friday, April 1, 2016

April 1....

April 1...

Yesterday, it was in the 80s.
Then, a cold front came through, and today it's in the 50s.

This morning, the sun was hitting the tops of the trees.
But the storm clouds were forming. 
Soon it was raining, and we had tiny damage.

I've been weeding...and, weeding...and, weeding.
Oh, yes...and some mulching and graveling. (is that a word?)

The front beds are done.

And luckily, I finished the Island Bed yesterday, before the cold and rain.

The Veggie Garden is weeded, and ready for some veggie plants.

The Round Bed (which isn't really round.) is ready for mulch.

The Back Bed isn't completely weeded yet, but it's doing pretty good.
The leaves I put down in the fall have done a good job of keeping weeds down.

The purple iris are done, since this photo.

But, the white ones, and this one have started.
The stems on this one are so short, it's like it's hiding.

The Crossvine isn't hiding. It's finally really blooming...for the first time.

Other things showing up...

 'Hot Lips' salvia

 Purple Heart

 Silver Germander

Looks good against one of our fountains.

 Jerusalem Sage

The other Jerusalem Sage 'Edward Bowles', has bigger leaves and didn't like FULL
Texas, afternoon sun. So moved it to the back. It's looking good,
But, no blooms, yet.

And, look at this!
The Softleaf Yucca, at the front corner of the house,
has a bloom stalk, for the very first time.

It has been properly caged, against the constantly foraging
horde of deer.

So, that's what's been going on here.
Still have lots more weeding to do.
And, cleaning up Live Oak leaves, and soon the catkins (brown squiggleys).
Then, more mulching and graveling.

It just never ends.

Happy Gardening...
(and, Happy April)


  1. You have been busy and it shows. What a vegetable cage you have. You really mean business. What will you be planting in there?

    1. That cage was here when we bought this house. Protection from the deer.
      It would have been better further out into the yard. Too much shade from the trees.
      I'll be putting in tomatoes, try again to grow some squash, and some okra. Thank goodness for the farmers market here...hahaha.


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