Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy Spring...

And, we're pretty cold here, today.
But, maybe this cold front it Winter's last hurrah.

We just got back from a trip.
Did you miss us?

And, we came home to this.

I've been making some progress.
But, still LOTS more to clean up.
And, because the last Halloween Flood washed away all the mulch,
there will be that job to do, too.

Still...the plants are doing pretty well.
We even have some blooms.

 Mexican Honeysuckle

 Pansies, Primrose and 'Mushrooms'

Unknown Irises


It's these beauties, that make me keep on working in the garden,
instead of throwing in the towel.

Today is supposed to be cool, but the sun is shining
and it's beautiful out there.

Hope your first day of Spring is just as beautiful.

Now...back to the weeding.....

Happy Gardening...


  1. There's always much to do, but your spring flowers as well as your fan-handed palm look great. Enjoy these beautiful days in the garden!

  2. Hope you had a great trip. It promises to be a lovely spring. Your pansies and primrose and mushrooms are adorable!

  3. What a lovely start to the blooming season you are having! It does sound like a lot of work is on your to-do list but at least you'll be out amongst some gorgeous surroundings while you put your garden back to rights. Happy Spring!


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