Friday, April 29, 2016

Another One Bites the Dust...

Seems like just yesterday,
I was being amazed it was April already.
Now, it's almost over.

Another month, bites the dust.

It's been busy.
Weeding, and mulching, and graveling.

I got the fenced yard almost finished.

Just have to clean up that bed at the back,
and along the Rio.

I got some of the Virginia Creeper cut back.
It wants to take over the world.
This is the before...

I got some things planted in the Veggie Garden...
tomatoes, squash...and, transplanted these cucumbers
that came up in the compost bed.

Not sure they'll do anything, 
but, they were there.
Why not?

The grapevine is putting on buds.
It looked so bad last fall, we thought it had died.

The buds on the softleaf yucca opened.

Aren't they pretty?

As an extra treat, here's our neighbor's yucca blooming.
No wire around it, and the deer didn't touch it.

And, to finish out the month with more beauty...

Last fall I ordered some iris online.

I got them all planted and they all did good...except one.
But, that's a good record, for me.

And, they're blooming.

First, New Moon

Next, Peaches and Dreams.

And today, Discovered Treasure.

And, all together...

We had some light rain, and have a forecast for heavier rain tonight.
So, I went out and cut the open ones,
so we could enjoy them, inside.

Look how the peach of Peaches and Dreams,
and the peach in Discovered Treasure, match.

Isn't Nature wonderful?

So...that's it from here.
Hope you have a fun and safe weekend.

See you next month.

Happy Gardening...


  1. The deer ate several of my yucca blooms,like they are eating asparagus spears. But I have 3 untouched. How odd. But I'm thankful they left me some to enjoy.

    I too love iris, so carefree and lovely. I usually shop the bulb bins at the big box stores when they put up a discount sign in early spring. The bins empty fast.

  2. The deer have been munching down the blooms on the coral yucca recently but did leave a few untouched this year...maybe there's a new propaganda effort underway.."Deer - we just eat SOME of your garden's flower stalks!".

    Your hard work is obvious in these photos - everything is looking lovely and lush. Hope you get only rain and no hail. Here's to May!


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