Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Traffic Woes....

Ah....the woes of getting caught in a traffic jam.

We were clever enough to get to just west of Denver, 
on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. least there was something pretty to look at.
And, plenty of time to to look at it.

But, even in more remote places, there are traffic jams.

Getting up early to head out to Lamar Valley in 
Yellowstone National Park, 
to see if we could see some wildlife.

Even early, sometimes you catch up with the 'traffic'.

These guys weren't too interested in hurrying.

You don't want to push the issue with them, though.

An auto wouldn't have much of a chance, if this guy gets a case of
Road Rage.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Traffic jams occur in some form almost everywhere.

    There's really no other way to head south to Texas from Wyoming so, as you say, at least the scenery is beautiful.

  2. Wow ! That is one 'mean looking dude' ~ nope wouldn't mess with them ~ They look more appealing than cars, though ~ Great shots! ~ carol ^_^

  3. That certainly puts road rage in perspective. I wouldn't want to get one of those guys upset with me.

  4. Oh, that second traffic jam looks so fun! I'm sure I would have taken a hundred shots just sitting there! Love your scenery.

  5. What a great way to start the day! I've never seen one up close, I don't believe. Gorgeous pictures, too.

  6. Looks pretty close to me...great series of shots! My Rurality:

  7. What a great shot of that magnificent bull with the tree covered hill behind hem. Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing.

  8. Yeah - I70 is a mess in Colorado. I always would take 285 if I could. Though, unless you're heading to Fairplay (or thereabouts), 285 isn't any quicker than sitting in the traffic mess.

  9. I was browsing gardening blogs and came along this. A traffic jam with these impressive guys on the road, it takes time but your oictures are wonderful, with the scenery of the landscape behind them. Like watching and reading about gardens and landscapes on the other end of the world. I will follow you.

  10. That would be my kinda traffic jam Linda -- such gorgeous creatures to view while waiting for an opening. :)

  11. Great traffic jam photo-ops! I don't miss what the Rockies became outside where I grew up (metro Denver). Much better as a visitor, though, and that famous view you captured is awesome! Bison...tatonka...first time I saw some close-up was in the Wichita Mountains in my low Toyota Celica. The mom looked at us more intensely to keep my distance from her and her calves crossing the road, than a hungry bear might. Big,l and that was the calves...


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