Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Best Laid Plans...

We've been back in Wyoming.
We planned a trip to Yellowstone National Park, 
a year ago.  Way before our daughter ended up moving up here.

Before and after our time in Yellowstone, we've been back in
Pinedale.  We love it here.

Last week, we got up extra early, so we could drive the 89 miles to Grand Tetons
in time to catch the morning sun.  It's on our way to Yellowstone.

But, nature had other ideas.  The morning was really foggy.

In places, we could barely see the road.

The Tetons were shrouded in clouds.

And, shortly after these photos, they disappeared completely.

So much for best laid plans....

Happy Gardening...


  1. Beautiful images, Linda! Even if your plans didn't work out it looks like you took advantage of photographing the gorgeous countryside.

  2. It's beautiful, but it is cooollld for a very long time in the winter. Glad you had a good time and your photos are wonderful.

  3. I admit it must have been a tad disappointing -- but those shots of the mountains are spectacular! Thanks so much for sharing at TM this week Linda.

  4. I think you got a bonus with all the clouds and mist. Stunning photos. We have a photo of our three boys sitting on that very fence back in 1982. I am sure many have taken the same photo.

  5. The floating mountains are incredible. Why I rarely fret over changed plans or weather changes!


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