Sunday, August 25, 2013

Good Morning....

It's a beautiful morning.

Sunlight streaming into the Fenced Yard, makes things sparkle.

They've forecast some rain....maybe today or tomorrow.

But, not yet.

The Hyacinth Bean is doing it's thing.

And, the Esperanza is finally blooming.

There are pretty blooms on this Gaura.  I'm not pleased with the plant itself.
It'll probably get moved to more sun, this fall.

And, speaking of fall...

We're getting ready for the bucks, when they begin to rub the velvet
off their antlers.

They seem to love the yuccas and agaves, for doing that.
It just shreds them....and, ruins them.

I don't like having plants living in cages.
But, what I like even less, is having to replace those plants.

I hope you're having a great morning, too.

Happy Gardening...


  1. It looks lovely. You would never believe that it had been through a Texas summer with all that color. I have to admit to being nervous about returning home and seeing what mine looks like.

  2. I've had mixed results with Gaura killing more than my fair share. I finally have one that appears to be thriving. It's in a western exposure growing with some gopher plant. This is it's second summer, so I think I'm home free now. Good luck finding the perfect spot for yours.

  3. I don't like having fences around my plants either! Ugh, but like you said, better than replacing them which I've done before.

    We got some rain here in Montgomery county yesterday, hope you got some too.

  4. Hard to believe it is already September. The plants will thank you for protecting them. =0)


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