Thursday, August 8, 2013

This and That for Thursday...

Remember the old John Fogerty song....
'110 in the Shade'?'s not quite that here.
But, close enough.

That old sun is beating down.

Barely any breezes blowing.

But,'s August and it's Texas.
It's expected.

It does seem, the older I get, the harder it is to handle the heat.

With  Mr P's help, we got part of the New Project done.
The mulch is down on this part.  Native grasses are planned for here.

We put wire around part of the old Rock Bed.
I need to clean it out and will plant some of those 
'deer resistant' (ahem) plants, that our deer like to eat.
Ones that require more sun than the Fenced Yard supplies.

This part will be planted with salvias.  Very low water plants.
Can you tell I've neglected this bed?
The part between the large rock and the bucket is new bed.
It'll need some amending.

But, when it's already 80F when you get up in the morning,
projects move pretty slooooowly.

You do a lot more sitting in the shade, than digging in the dirt.

While I was sitting, I noticed this Hyacinth Bean had taken hold in a Live Oak.

Now the Oak is blooming purple.

While you're here, I'll show you one of my new toys.

I put a Coke can on it, to give you some perspective.
It is 'toy-like', right?

The heaviest part is the rechargeable battery.
Not big, but it gets our tiny piece of lawn mowed.

If we don't get some more rain soon, we won't have to worry too much about mowing.

In the mean time, we'll keep putting out water for the wildlife,
dragging hoses around, and staying in the shade.

Hope you have the weather you want, wherever you are.

'Til next time...

Happy Gardening...

Speaking of wildlife,
I did a short post, over at my photo blog, about these.


  1. Uh-oh I see velvet antlers just itching to rub out your favorite plants in a few weeks. The lawnmower is cute.

    At least this week is a tiny bit cooler than last and we're headed in the right direction--fall!

  2. Ha! When you said you had a new toy, I thought it was a remote controlled soda delivery system. Wouldn't that be fun!

  3. I feel you on the heat/age process. All that sitting in the shade waiting for breezes means I have lots of plans brewing though. I find I'm coming up with plenty of ideas to deal with the restrictions of gardening in our area but experiencing fewer and fewer temperature friendly days to use for implementation! Hurry up, cooler weather!

    PS - love the mower. Ours is similar but has a cord as we too only have a teeny patch of lawn left. I wish my Hub could get over the idea it should remain deeply green in August though. He frets more about that small patch of lawn than I do over the rest of our landscaped areas combined! Is that a Texas-guy thing do you think?

  4. I bet with the humidity it feels like 110! The bean flowering in the oak is something...yes, hot and August are inseparable most years out here, too.

  5. I've only gotten one more area done, on the New Project, since I posted. Too darn hot.
    The 'cold front' did cool things down a bit. 96 is better than 107. Headed in the right direction, I hope.

    Yes...velvet antlers will be a problem. But, I have learned that some things will have to live in cages for the fall. Maybe you can teach an old dog new

    All of you stay cool. Fall is coming soon.

  6. Love the idea of planting native grasses -- I imagine they will do very well. And such a lovely fellow visiting your water tank. Thanks for stopping by today Linda!

  7. I also have a harder time with the heat as I get older. I think it's cause I've just lost any patience I had for it. And I get jealous of those who live in milder climates. But we deal with what we have, don't we? Thing are looking good there. Love that photo of the deer drinking the water you provide.


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