Monday, April 9, 2012

Jeepers Creepers...

Cue eerie music.....

Holes in the Brussels Sprouts leaves!

Holes in the Swiss Chard!

Holes in the Sugar Snap Peas leaves!


Well...I'm not sure what was going on with the Snap Peas.  
They were about done, anyway.  And, they had what looked like some powdery mildew.

BUT....the others have WORMS!

I'm not sure if these are Imported Cabbageworms,
or Cabbage Loopers.  I didn't see the moth stage.

But, the result is the same.  They've made a mess.
And, they're setting in to make even more of these!

Some are large...some are very small.
You can judge the size of the one above, by comparing to the Pillbug.
Oh, yeah...we have lots of pillbugs, too.

So, the Brussels Sprouts got pulled out.  I checked EACH LEAF, and dispatched each worm.
I checked over the Chard...found two good sized DARK green worms, and dispatched them.
They didn't do as much damage.  I'll check again later today.

The Brussels Sprouts had grown into huge plants.  Nice looking plants.
I don't think we were going to get sprouts.  It's getting too hot.
But, they were trying.  See those little buds?

Some other huge plants...these cilantro plants are five feet tall!
I had no idea they got that big.

Then there's this....yellow fungus.

It's very strange.

Jeepers creepers!  What is going on?

Just more challenges for a gardener.

NOTE:  Darla from Florida, gave us the name of this.
'Dog Vomit Fungus'.  Appropriate name. 
Thanks, Darla.... 


Thanks to all of you, for your input on the Lamb's Ear in the Island Bed.
It will stay, for now.

It certainly seems to like where it is.

OK...I better get back out there on worm patrol.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Oh Linda, I feel so bad for you, with all those plants eaten by worms. Sometimes gardening can be really difficult. I love the cilantro. It is one of my very favorite cool season herbs!

    1. I've had cabbage worms before, but not that bad. Maybe it's all the rain we had earlier.
      I had no idea cilantro would get that big. We're not big cilantro eaters. But, I have to say, I like that plant.

  2. I have those worms on my Turk's Cap and they will also destroy hibiscus....that fungus looks like the 'dog vomit' fungus ... really, google it.

    1. Yikes! Cabbage worms get on Turk's Cap? I'm about to plant some of that. I'll have to keep an eye on it.
      Dog vomit...hmmm...that is what it looks like. Apt name....

  3. That is really scary...scarier than our weed explosion since Feb. I wonder if your local deer have figured out how to release insects, just to make it more interesting. Something twisted to how they look across their domain...

    1. Nothing these deer do would surprise me. :(

  4. I know what you mean about the plants just growing larger this year - I have a parsley plant that's as tall as me (5'4").


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