Friday, July 11, 2014

The Grape Update....

Back in May, I told you how excited we were that
the grapevine we planted a few years ago was finally
putting on some fruit.

We had buds.

The blooms.

 Then, little baby grapes.

Just last week, they were beginning to turn color.

Now this week, they're ripe.

The birds have left them alone.  We've tasted a couple.
They're a bit tart, but taste good.

We're taking a private vineyard tour this weekend,
at Driftwood Estate Winery.
We'll be asking questions. 

Maybe next year, we'll have even more grapes.

So much enjoyment, from ONE grapevine...LOL

Gardeners are indeed a breed apart.

Have a great weekend.

Happy Gardening...


  1. That is amazing Linda. I guess they aren't table grapes or is it that the weather is too hot for them to sweeten up. So a vineyard is in your future!

  2. Those grapes are absolutely gorgeous. I love the range of colors on display. If they are wine grapes I suppose they won't get super sweet? I bet they'd be delicious frozen as a treat!

  3. How sweet! They are beautiful colors. It is indeed very special to have your grapes mature. We had one bunch forming but something ate every last one of the buds before the blooms even formed. Maybe next year?

  4. Lovely! Maybe next year you can make green grape pie ...

  5. I completely understand the happiness this brings. I have two baby grape vines and, because I am working to train them to standards, I had to trim off their tiny bunches of fruit. Next year I should be able to allow a few bunches to mature. I'm already looking forward to that!

  6. I'm so excited for you! Those grapes looks wonderful! Be sure to invite me out to your place for the stomp. BTW, love Driftwood Vineyards. I used to drink their voignier, but I don't think they are making it anymore. I wonder why.

    1. The 'stomp' turned out to be just eating a few of the grapes. I think one foot would have been all that was needed. Maybe next week.
      Driftwood does make the viognier. The vines are pretty full this year, too. No chardonnay though. Not sure why.


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