Monday, May 5, 2014


You might not get as excited as we have, 
about something like this.

Some gardeners, though, will totally understand.

A few years ago...2011...we went on the
with some dear friends.

We did eleven wineries on the first day.
Two on the second day....for obvious reasons.

Each couple...I thought it should be EACH TICKET...received
a bare root grapevine.

We were the ones who had a garden.  So, we planted both.
Only one made it.

It did well.
Had nice leaves.  No grapes.

We finally pruned it, early this year.
And, these showed up.
Cute, huh?

These are the buds.

These are the blooms.
So cool!

Hopefully, those little green things will turn into grapes.

We'll never have a 'vineyard' to overlook,
like we do at Driftwood Estate Winery,
when we pick up our wine.

But, we're still excited to maybe have the chance for some grapes.

I'll keep you posted.

'Til later...
Take care...


  1. How cool! Make sure to post pics of the grapes. Do you know what variety?

  2. That's awesome! The grapes will be fun to watch as they mature.

  3. My grandmother used to make green grape pie from the fruit on her vine. Tart and good!

  4. Hey - hot stuff! What variety are your grapes? It will be interesting to see how many you get off of one vine. Do keep us posted?

    My mother-in-law made amazing preserves from mustang grapes she grew on a wire fence that bordered her garden. I took the grapes (and the preserves) quite for granted at the time. Thinking about the coming weekend I wish I had her back to thank properly!

  5. I don't know what variety they are. They came in a 'plain brown wrapper'.
    It will be fun to see what shows up.


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