Thursday, May 8, 2014

They're He-e-re.....

It has begun.

New little deer.  More mouths to feed.

Hard to catch sight of them right now.  They're very new.
But, they'll be braver, and the mommas will let them be seen
more, in a couple weeks.

Gotta admit...they're really cute.
Even if they'll be growing up, and eating my landscape.

'Til later...
Take Care...


  1. You have such a good attitude! They are cute though.

  2. I (almost) felt bad shushing a bulging bellied soon-to-be Momma deer through our spaces day before yesterday. Looking at her I thought it wouldn't be long before we had a new generation of babies munching through our spaces. I think they are cute as can be but it irks me how the youngsters will pull any and every plant up and out even if they don't end up eating it. All part of their learning what tastes good I suppose but so hard on the landscape. I try to share your bemused attitude...I do try...but oh I get SO frustrated!

  3. I've been looking out for the fawns but haven't seen any yet. Should be soon now. They are cute but so destructive.

  4. Cute! Still waiting for ours to show up.

  5. Oh, they are cute! Kind of like those cute little bunnies I hate/love! I don't know if I'v mentioned how much I really love your header. So charming!

  6. Deer, love 'em when I see them anywhere but in my neighborhood. they get cuss words thrown at them every time I see something they've eaten in my garden.

  7. I've been watching for foals in my 'hood but haven't seen any yet. They are cute, I admit, even if I don't really want to see any deer in my neighborhood.

  8. They are adorable. And their cute quotient is directly related to their eating habits! We’ve had a small doe through here a few times, stopping to nibble at the bird feeders. She tromped through my new bed/mulch, but only left deep hoof prints, didn’t eat anything. Fingers crossed that she knows her deer resistant plants!

  9. They are beautiful. Can they be fed the way we feed birds? Would that take pressure off the landscape eating?

  10. *Every* time I see a deer, I think of you and your tragedies / triumphs over those "cute" animals in the garden! In fact, I just saw a mule deer while hiking on the mountain near was headed east. No pursuading it to go west to the valley, where loads of over-irrigated eastern landscapes lurk.


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