Sunday, August 3, 2014


Since last we met, we've been busy.

We did some traveling.
Back to Mississippi, to visit friends.

We go through Luling, TX, to get to I-10.
This time we stopped, so I could stand in the street and take a picture of this sign.
It's hard to tell in the photo, but it's 3 dimensional.

One of our friends retired, and he wanted to celebrate in Biloxi.
So, we went....again.

Back home, you can see we have been missed by the summer rains,
that have hit other areas around us.

The Grass Bed is doing ok.
Not as much growth as I'd like.

The Hyacinth Bean and zinnias are doing good.

The Pride of Barbados is finally blooming.
Love those blooms.  And, inside the fence, the deer can't get to them.

The tomatoes are blooming.
But, not setting fruit.  There are some that set earlier.  
Taking their time getting ripe.

For the first time, we had ripe figs.
Not many, and not big....but, they tasted good.

This Agave Lophantha had been chomped by the deer.
I took it out of the planter it was in, and put it in the ground.
Then, it started developing two crowns.  Very interesting.

We turned this firepit into a planter.
We put in a Soft-leaf Yucca.
Looks better than a bunch of limbs piled in there.

It's being protected by this resin Horned Toad.
So far, so good.
We'll soon put some wire up.  The bucks have lots of velvet to rub of their antlers.

And, last but not least.
Yesterday, my daughter and I went to Market Day, here 
in Wimberley.

I got two plants.

 A Dyckia 'Burgundy Ice'

And, a variegated agave.  I think Agave American 'Mediopicta Alba'.

There were no labels.  The seller just knew they were an agave and a dyckia.
Hope my research is right.
Now to find containers for them.

So...that's what I've been up to.
How about you?

Hope your summer is going well.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Pretty good for having been gone so much this summer. We have been through Luling many times but did not see the sign. Need to check that out next time.

    Those are good finds at the Market Day, we've had good weather for it and we should probably make the trip up there soon. Haven't been in years.
    I have both of those and your guesses look correct to me. Funny I just added both of those to the garden this summer.

    Maybe the rain will find your place soon. It might be a few weeks though and planting up the fire pit is a good idea with the ongoing drought. Love that gate and still haven't found one like it anywhere around here.

    Glad to see you are enjoying the summer.

  2. Wow - the picture of the horned toad... he doesn't even look real - more like something out of Jurassic Park! I have a fig tree, but I've never gotten any ripe fruit off of it. I think the birds and squirrels get to it first. Maybe one of these days they will leave some for me. My husband is a paramedic in Wimberley, but I haven't made it out to Market Day yet (even though he's mentioned that I'd like it). You inspired me to make an effort to make it down there sometime soon.

  3. The agave and dyckia are so striking. Hope you'll share photos of them in their planters once you find the right home for them. With the temperatures where they are (even though cooler than last year) I can't imagine using a fire pit AS a fire pit. I think the planter idea is much more practical. And you are wise to plant that Pride of Barbados away from Bambi and company. I drove past one in a front yard yesterday that had a doe and a buck neatly nipping off all the flowers.

  4. Pride of Barbados and figs, two of my favorite summer treats.

  5. I Love your firepit planter! Great idea, Linda!


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