Friday, July 23, 2010

An Orchid...

Orchids amaze me.  They have a lasting beauty that seems almost artificial....made of wax.  But, it's real.

I was given this Phalaenopsis, several years ago, by my son and his family.  It has bloomed faithfully every year.  I have several others.  But, they bloom when...or if...they feel like it.  And, not yet this year.

These blooms started coming on, at the end of April.  Here we are, toward the end of July, and they're still beauties.  The long-lasting blooms are...well...amazing.

One day soon, they'll begin to wither and the blooms will drop.  They'll lose that waxiness, and turn to tissue paper.  Sometimes, it seems they do this over night.

Until then, we'll enjoy this beauty.  And, hope it's sisters decide they'll give us a show this year, too.

Have a great weekend.  And...

Happy Gardening...



  1. I love orchids...mine stopped blooming in April. I hope they bloom again this winter. Your pictures are so beautiful!

  2. This post makes me want to run out and buy an orchid. So pretty.

    My fist time visiting here, came via Jean at Dig Grow Compost.

    My blog used to have an all black background and seeing yours makes me miss it.


  3. What beautiful pictures! I have never grown and orchid, but perhaps I should try.

  4. Hi, everyone...
    My orchids have been easy to take care of. This one has been the most reliable bloomer. One other one used to bloom around the same time as this one. It hasn't bloomed for two years.

    I bought another one last summer. We'll see if it blooms again sometime soon.

    The blooms do give a long lasting beauty.

  5. Such an elegant beauty! I love white orchids...they match everything.

  6. I love orchids. Ethereal. You must be a good orchid-mama to have such a faithful bloomer.

  7. They are the most beautiful flower in my opinion, and I can't grow them worth a darn. I'm sitting here next to my pot of green...that once bloomed an orchid.

  8. Hi, your orchids are amazing! I have never grown orchids, but they are astonishingly beautiful. Congratulations on your success with them!


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