Friday, July 27, 2012

The Weather Forecast....,
August is coming to Texas.

It happens this time, every year.
BUT....look at that forecast...only THREE hundred degree days.

Last year, we'd had over 40 days over 100 degree.
This year, only about 10.

We'll take it.  Along with the rain we've had this summer.
So very welcome.

The other morning, when I was putting the bird feeders back out. 
(The raccoons have convinced us not to leave them out at night.)
There was so much humidity in the air, we had a rainbow.

Our Texas Sage is finally blooming.
It's been blooming all over the neighborhood...except for ours.

They're really pretty blooms.  And, they love humidity.

That humidity plus high temps mean it'll be HOT.
But, after living under a broiler last summer, it'll be so much better.

Have a Great Weekend...


  1. Your death star returned. Too bad for you, you have 2 months of summer to add some more triple digits - here just a month left. Wish I could send you some relief...

  2. My very thoughts this week Linda! A few raindrops fell while I was out watering this morning and I thought about the last two summers without even a chance of rain. The evenings are pleasant enough to be outside as well, all in all not bad.

  3. I'm ready for winter.... well, "winter" I should say. It's HOT here today, but then again my mother and myself got locked out of the house for a while. Had to call a locksmith for the first time in our lives. Lol!


  4. The Texas sage is still one of my favorite plants. It always puts on a spectacular show even if it comes a little late.

  5. I just remembered why I don't get much done in the garden in July and August; it's too darn hot! I'd really like another one of those nice rainy spells. Is that too much to hope for?

  6. I'm thankful that rain was bestowed upon us after suffering from drought. It is such a relief from heat waves.


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