Sunday, July 1, 2012

At Half Time....

So, here we are....half time in the year....half way through.
Remember back in January?   I posted about my choice of  
to replace those old resolutions we all make.

My word was
FOCUS. it's time to see how that's been going.

We did some focusing on fixing this view.  Old railroad ties and dead grass.
Not so pretty.

So...focus, focus and we turned it into this.

And, though two of the yuccas didn't make it, 
I have to say it all looks much better.

We've added a couple of things to the Island Bed, and it's all hanging in there.

We turned this next-to-nothing back bed...

...into something that makes it all look more complete.

All four sides of the house are 'dressed' now.

And, we remodeled this not too functional walkway.

And, turned it into this.

So, we have focused.  We've gotten a lot done.
Of course, it's never all 'done'.
But, it's getting there.

So, maybe THE WORD worked.

Now, we just have to keep things alive until the heat eases off in the fall.

In the mean time...

Happy Gardening...

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  1. Wow, you've been really busy at your house - and it looks great!


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