Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Hour....

And, all the usuals show up.

It's not quite 'Cheers'.  No stools for them to sit on.
But, still they come.

The girls and the boys.

We supply a beverage.

But, they seem to think we should supply snacks, as well.

You can see how frightened they are of our fierce watch dog.
Do they know she's on a leash?

She seems to be saying, "See?  Nothing to fear here."

"But, hey!!  The people here have planted things we don't really like!!"

"What's up with that?"

Happy Gardening...


  1. Oh my gosh! So many pretty deer. It's like you're Snow White. :p


  2. They can be cute when you're prepared for them.

    We try not to get then used to us, but they do anyway. The little fawns learn fast, looks like they are ready to chow down on your plants there.

  3. Now that's a herd of deer...

  4. Spotted fawns are so cute. We have twins here too. I like them until they grow up and eat my plants and birdseed.

  5. I especially guessing what the deer or wildlife are all thinking. Maybe they even have meet-ups like garden bloggers, share their favorite places to eat..."Linda isn't playing ball anymore, but Pam and Cat still have some great plants...pretty good nightlife there, too." Or something like that!

  6. Wow. That's a LOT of deer coming in. I'm amazed you're able to garden at all. (But I did enjoy the photographs!)

  7. That is so incredible that many deer come so close to you & they don't seem to be intimidated either, wow! They are very beautiful. I miss having that kind of wildlife in our backyard, lol. Thanks for sharing your wonderful happy hour! :)

    Happy Gardening & best wishes,


  8. Such beautiful animals! You seem to be able to live with them quite nicely - planting the right things, etc! I love that last shot - incredible!

  9. Those fawns sure are cute. Just like my little bunnies. Why do they have to be so destructive?! I am so thankful for the recent rains. Seems there is more for the wildlife out there now and my garden is getting a reprieve! You got some great shots of them, Linda. His antlers look as soft as suede.

    Ha! Just read David's comment. That's funny!

  10. Oh, how wonderful! Great images.

  11. Oh yes...deer are beautiful animals. Or should I say...beautiful PESTS.
    Just this morning I noticed they'd chomped the Crossvine...again. This is another one of those 'deer resistant' plants. HA! There is no such thing here.

    Yeah...I know...I'm often reminded that the deer were one of the reasons we picked this place. Just have to keep on trying to co-exist.

  12. Oh my gosh, I know they are considered pests, but they are soooo lovely.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  13. We had 2 deer born on our land up in La Grange/Owl Creek. On one trip up there to mow the grass, we spotted one of the babies. I got a really short video of it and was so thrilled!

    Still, I could see how they could be a problem to a pretty garden. Gardening takes a lot of hard work and it takes only seconds for a deer to eat it all up.... especially as many as I saw in that one photo. At least 9? It's like looking at a family reunion.



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