Friday, May 29, 2015

The Power of Water...

By now, you've probably heard that there was a flood in
Wimberley, Texas,

There was a lot of damage....destruction...along the 
Blanco River.

I've shown you the beauty of that river before.

The giant Cypress trees turn beautiful colors in fall.

And, under most conditions, the river flows gently along.

But, Saturday night of Memorial Day Weekend, it turned into a monster.

We hadn't had much rain that day. We've had lots of rain here, but that day
wasn't bad, in our area.

But, to the west, in Blanco, it rained a foot of rain, in a short time.
All that water went into the river, and the river rose thirty feet
in less than an hour.

Houses that had stood solid for fifty or sixty years with no flooding,
were no match for this tsunami.
Debris...houses, cars, trees, boulders...came rushing down,
washing away everything in its path.

People's homes were damaged, destroyed, or simply washed away.

People lost their lives.

internet image. source unknown.

The deluge topped this bridge by at least ten feet.

The beautiful Cypress trees, which have stood for hundreds of years, 
were bowed over and shredded.

We pray for those who have lost so much.
We hope for them the strength it will take to get through all this.
We do what we can to help, with funds, time and energy.

Meanwhile...this small town of Wimberley is still 
A Little Bit of Heaven.

Stay safe...
God Bless...


  1. Oh Linda, I'm so glad to see you checked in here so we could see how you are doing. This flood has been devastating and I join you in praying for those whose losses I cannot fathom.

  2. Thanks for the update, and I'm glad you all are OK. Very sad on those losing everything...I cannot imagine, only be thankful for what I have today.

  3. Just heartbreaking. So thankful you are fine and are able to offer encouragement and help to your neighbors.

  4. Thanks for sharing. It was so good to see you on Saturday. We’re praying and helping how we can. It’s going to be a long haul.

  5. Oh Linda, that is just devastating losing all those homes and beautiful trees. Sometimes nature can be beautiful and sometimes deadly. Glad to see that you escaped the dangerous waters. Praying for those that are suffering.

  6. First let me say how thankful I am that you and yours escaped the immense devastation. I know that you are appreciated for the help that you give others.
    Secondly, I am asking for some information that I cannot find anywhere. A brief synopsis of background: We had a contract on a house in Wimberley and had mentally already moved in. Ten days before Memorial Day the owners decided to keep the house for personal and family reasons. I would, of course, like to know how that house and its owners fared in the flood. The house fronts Wilson Creek. It is on River Road Circle. I have engine searched daily since the Sunday after Memorial Day to see if I can glean any bits of information without success. River Road Circle gets me info only on River Road. I get nothing but older reports on flood history of Wilson Creek which reportedly never before touched this particular house. I am hoping that you have some news of River Road Circle Wilson Creek area. The precise address is 108 River Road Circle. It is about 1 mile from town central, which I understand escaped, thank goodness. If you have heard anything at all about the area of interest, could you please email me. Thanks so much.


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