Wednesday, November 9, 2011

30 Day Challenge~~Thanksgiving~~Day 9....

Cat, at The Whimsical Gardener, has challenged us to a 30 Day Challenge of Thanksgiving.
A post a day, for 30 days, to celebrate the things we are thankful for, in our lives.

~~Day 9~~

Today...and, everyday...I'm thankful for modern medicine.

Almost four years ago, I was told that a brown spot on my face was malignant melanoma.
It is not something you want to hear.

I'm of the generation who greased down with baby oil, and fried in the sun.
I was trying to become a Golden Goddess.
I didn't achieve either...not very golden..and surely not a goddess.
My only excuse was, we didn't know then what we know now....
that the sun can actually kill you.

I was very lucky.  It was small and in situ...which means localized.  They got it all.
I was also lucky to have a wonderful surgeon.  The scar is barely visible.

So, now, I never leave the house without sunscreen.  I wear a large brimmed hat to garden....another one for other outdoor activities.  I'll be seeing a dermatologist every six months, for the rest of my life.

So, here comes the sermon...
Wear sunscreen.
Protect yourself from the sun.
Have yourself checked by a dermatologist. 
Save your life.

You'll be thankful you did.



  1. Amen. I'm a survivor too...three years on the 17th of this month. Such an important message for everyone to hear.

  2. Wow...every 6 months, but at least you are OK now.

    I was glad to find out that the spots on my ears were OK at the dermolologist last winter. I'm never going out in this laser beam sun without SPF 30...proof that oily, olive skin only helps so much. Good msg!

  3. Glad you're well. Truly something to be thankful for.

  4. AMen again! My husband suffers with skin cancers - many removals but thankfully always ahead of the bleakest of findings. Big hats, lots of sunscreen ALL year round!


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