Friday, November 25, 2011

30 Day Challenge~~Thanksgiving~~Day 25...

Cat, at The Whimsical Gardener, has challenged us to a 30 Day Challenge of Thanksgiving.
A post a day, for 30 days, to celebrate the things we are thankful for, in our lives.

~~Day 25~~

Today, I'm thankful we got to witness history.

To those who are not sports fans...or, at least, not from Texas....
you might not know about the big rivalry between

The University of Texas
Texas A&M University.

This rivalry is so strong, both schools' fight songs mention the other school.

They've been playing a football game at Thanksgiving for a long time.
Last night was game #118....and, maybe the last.

Petty differrences have caused A&M to leave their conference and move on.
Maybe cooler heads will prevail, and they'll work a game into the schedule.
But, not for many years....schedules are set years in advance.

So, for the coming years...maybe, forever...
the Aggies
will have to live with the final score, of possibly the final game.

Texas 27~~A&M 25


Texas Fight, Texas Fight
and goodbye to A&M

I'm thankful we won.


  1. By a hair!!! Which of course, as you say, we should be thankful for.

  2. That was a brutal game, especially for your rivals. I know their pain, but the food before erased all pain for sure!

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  4. Hook Em!!! Both of our teams won this week but they sure made us sweat!!


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