Tuesday, November 22, 2011

30 Day Challenge~~Thanksgiving~~Day 22...

Cat, at The Whimsical Gardener, has challenged us to a 30 Day Challenge of Thanksgiving.
A post a day, for 30 days, to celebrate the things we are thankful for, in our lives.

~~Day 22~~

Today, I'm thankful for my yard swing.

It was a surprise for me, back in the spring.

It's a nice quiet place to sit....to start the day, with a cup of coffee...
or to end the day, with a glass of wine.

Sit, and swing, and think....

We have several places to sit and enjoy this place.
Each gives a different viewpoint.
There're all good views to us.


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  1. I have to admit I covet your yard swing. It looks perfect in your landscape.


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