Saturday, May 16, 2015

Blooms and Foliage...May, 2015...

I've been neglecting this blog for a while.  
Travel and weed pulling, have gotten in the way.

The middle of each month, though, is when we join 
Carol at May Dreams Garden
Pam at Digging.
for Bloomday and Foliage Follow-Up.

We've been having a lot of rain.
So, I got out between rains, for some of these photos.

Not much is blooming here.
My garden is way behind some others due to a late freeze.

But, this prickly pear has been showing off a bloom at a time.

This one is in the Drive Bed.
And, it's really been growing.

The Feverfew bloomed this year, too.
The flowers are on long stems, and I'm not too crazy about that.
But, the blooms are pretty.

The Verbena Bonariensis is blooming.
Another one with pretty flowers on long stems.

I tried a Mexican Honeysuckle this year.
I really like it and so do Hummingbirds.

It seems the deer like it, too.
I'll be moving it to the Fenced Yard.

What we have most of here, is foliage.

The Japanese Aralia is finally taking off. Mr. Rooster might get covered up.


and Quadracolor agave are doing well.

The Inland Seaoats are finally filling in the way I planned.
They're loving all this rain.

This Japanese Holly Fern is coming back from the dead.

We got the weeds out of the front beds,
and put down new mulch.

I think some cutting back is in store for the fig tree....
which is in a very wrong spot.
It was here when we got here.

In the veggie garden, the grapes are putting on clusters of grapes.

And, even though they got a very late start, the tomatoes are putting on fruit.

There's more going on here.
But, the sun is out and there's gardening that needs doing...
before it rains again.

Be sure to check out the Blooms and Foliage this month.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Beautiful! Everything looks so lush and green. The Inland Seaoats look so pretty. I love your Verbena Bonariensis, this plant has been on my plant wish list. It is a butterfly magnet! Oh, if only I had more sun in my garden.

  2. Everything looks great and you seem to have kept up so well despite all the intermittent rain (not that I'm complaining - no no NO!). Our inland sea oats are going a little nuts with all this moisture - I think they are all 10 inches taller than last season! What an unexpected May we are having...

  3. Everything's looking full and lush, Linda. The rain and cooler temps do wonders, don't they? I know your deer problem is worse than mine, but you may take hope to know that the deer seem to have left my Mexican honeysuckle alone after the 2nd year. Maybe it toughens up? Or maybe the deer are just waiting to lull me into complacency.

  4. The driveway bed is filling in so nicely now. Your deer have such different tastes, they've never touched the Mexican honeysuckle. The deer don't like that lophantha so it's pretty safe. It's been great to have such a green spring.

  5. I'm glad you had the prickly pear managed to put out a flower between the rain drops. I know the rain is good but there are some plants it is not good for. What a pity about the Mexican honeysuckle. You would think they would eat the flowers first and surely there is lots for them to eat this year. I guess it is on their pathway.

  6. The rain is great but frustrating at the same time, right? I keep trying to get caught up before the summer gets here and we get a week of rain. I know, I shouldn't complain!

    I love your garden!


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