Friday, July 6, 2012

The Great Ongoing Battle....

So, OK...these guys are cute.  But, we have an ongoing battle with them.

Whatever road block we throw up for them on the feeders....

They find a way to get around.

On top of the trees being stressed and losing leaves, the squirrels 'trim' off small branches.
We spend a lot of time cleaning all this up.

But this is too much. 

This is six feet up, on the fence around the veggie garden.

They drag the tomatoes off the vine, and chomp a big hole.

I think a bird did this.  It was still hanging on the vine.
Yep, that doe is expecting to have a bite, too.

Both sides of this have holes pecked.

I know...we could put netting over it all.  But, that's just too much trouble for me.
I'd rather whine.

So, this is our solution.  
As soon as there is enough color, we let them finish on the window ledge.

I know they'd be better if they ripened on the vine.  
But, we at least get to have some.
The heat is causing less and less to set.  We'll be buying them again soon.

But, for now, we'll enjoy these.

And, we'll keep fighting the battle.

Uh, yes....those are dancing flowers.  Why do you ask?

Have a Great Weekend...


  1. Squirrels have to be the laziest creatures in the garden!

    Your tomatoes look yummy and they are at least better than the grocery store. I do cover mine with netting, you probably saw that in the shed post.

  2. Hahaha, hehehe, love those dancing flowers! There is so much I'm battling in the garden right now...squirrels, rabbits, birds, but my biggest battle at the moment would have to be the rabbits. When you own an 80 lb dog and there is more rabbit scat than dog poop you've got a problem! It seems the coyotes that were keeping them in check must have either moved down closer to the river or didn't survive the drought. Either way something is gonna have to give.

  3. I spotted 8 squirrels at our feeder the other day. I think they were having a squirrel convention. I bring my tomatoes in to ripen when they start to turn red as well. I learned the hard way not to leave them on the vine. Love the dancing flowers! Hope you have a great weekend:)

  4. We've had record breaking heat here too! Like, 107 degrees--that just ain't cool. (literally). We just go on and buy our tomatos at the local farmers market.

  5. Hate'em, hate'em hate 'em. Go part the cute phase long time ago. Don't want to think of how much seed I've fed on 'em since I came to the US over thirty years ago.


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