Friday, July 13, 2012


We've had a great week of rain.
After almost nothing for two months, we racked up about 3 inches, this week.
Love it!

Along with the rain, comes the invasion of mushrooms.
Look at them!

The Island Bed has the most.

I think the spores of these come in with the mulch.

I only found one of these little beach umbrella ones.

They all disappear, as the day warms up.  Then the ones in the Island Bed are back the next morning.

Then, there's more of this.  See the green tomato on the fence top?
I don't know why the squirrels drag them up there, and then run off.

Ah....the joys and mysteries of gardening.

Have a Great Weekend...


  1. That is very alien-looking, I must say. The first shot is amazing the way they have taken over, at least until your Death Star brings down fire and torment again.

  2. Linda, do the deer eat the mushrooms when you aren't looking? Great pictures,though. We only got a quarter inch of rain. Glad you got lots. beth


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