Sunday, November 8, 2009

Texas Orange

What a beautiful day the first Saturday in November was.  The day started out foggy and overcast.  But, the sun burned the fog away, and made a day of crisp, clean light.  What a day to work in the garden.  I have so many projects to finish.  Beds to dig, plants to plant, mulch to get the picture.

But, like so many Saturdays in the fall, there was no time for work in the garden.  We were off to the ball game.

We've been Longhorn fans for many years.  This was the first time I thought to take my camera.  But, what a pretty day to take photos of our favorite team.

We always arrive early and head to the Corral Club to visit friends and maybe have a beverage before the game.

This year, they remodeled the club.  There is a clown every week, to entertain the kids...young and old...and make little balloon critters.

I stepped out to take a few shots, while the team was warming up.  Here's a view of the new addition to the stadium, looking through the statues of Darrell Royal...famed Texas coach....and Joe Jamail....large contributor to the school.  With the new addition, the stadium can now seat over 100,000.  And, it does.

There are new murals this year, to celebrate the four National Championships the University of Texas has won.

And, another large mural, to honor the years of excellence under Darrell Royal as coach.

Warm ups are over, time to head to our seats.

The Longhorn Band is the
Showband of the Southwest.

The flag wranglers present the Texas flag.

They turn it around, and flip it over.  It's quite an undertaking.

Then, after a couple of video presentations, we see the live picture of the team coming down the hall.

Each member touches the long horns.  It must be working.

Then, they come running through the tunnel and onto the field.

Right through the band.

Then, the band leaves the field.

This day, we had a fly over......

in honor of Veteran's Day.

And, all the flags are flying at half mast and there was a moment of silence, for the killed and wounded in the attack at Ft. Hood.

Then, the coin toss.

And, the game begins.  If you're on the west side, you can look across and see us.  We're the ones with the orange shirts on. Wave at us...we'll wave back.

We almost scored....but, he dropped the ball.

Then, touchdown Horns!!!!

It was a beautiful day....and we won.  We're trying to add another date to these banners.

And, light the tower from top to bottom.  For regular wins, only the top is lit in orange.  National championships in any field is signaled with the entire tower lit up in orange. 
It's a beautiful sight.

So, that's what we did, on a bright autumn day, the first Saturday in November.
I hope your day was just as good.

Oh....and let me leave you with this thought....

Hook 'em Horns!!!


  1. I loved your post and when I tell you where I went to school you may never want to visit my blog again :). Okay, I bet you guessed... University of Oklahoma. You took some great photos. I am in UT land.

  2. Hi Patchwork,
    There is some serious fanatacism going on here. :) I love the mural shots and the the humongous flag! Good job...I am not exactly a sportsminded lady, but I can appreciate the excitement of game day, and game snacks. :O

  3. Amy...I promise not to tell anyone..haha. Actually, OU is a good school. But......

    Rosey...In this family, it would be very hard not to be a football fan...or any one of a dozen sports, come to think of it.
    We were in Boulder last year, when the Longhorns played the Buffalos. Our grandson was in the band then, but not this year. Too much studying. We had a great time in that beautiful area.

  4. It's Basketball in this house.
    My girls hate sports, my daughter even hurt her finger last week trying to catch a basketball being passed to her. Sports are not her forte. She is into drawing and reading. She is more like me.But my son and his sports, he got that from his Dad.
    There is a lot to explore in the Boulder area. I hope you get the chance to return again

  5. Ok, I am not a sports fan. I completely lack the genes I suppose. I am built for sports but just never managed to find the joy in them. I do however thoroughly enjoy the color orange and seeing someone have a great time doing something they love. It looks like it was a fantastic day and I for one am happy for you that it was such great weather. We usually get Noah volume rain this time of year.

  6. Rosey...I hope we get back up there sometime soon. It's beautiful country. And, drawing and reading are great things, too.

    LeSan...What do you mean, you don't do sports? You're our favorite weight lifter. As for the rain, we had that the next day...while we stood under umbrellas watching our granddaughters play soccer. Ironically, they were make-ups from rain-canceled games. But, no thunder.

  7. Hook 'em Horns! Great pics, Linda -- You made me feel as though I was right there. Nice ending shot, too! ;) Oh, and Amy... OU? And we sat next to each other all the way to S.A. and back?!! Well, at least you got to Austin at some point... :D


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