Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm Honored

Recently, I was given a Best Blog Award, by LeSan at
Blue Gate Gardens.  This is my first award, and I am very honored.  LeSan does a really good job on her blog....great writing and beautiful photographs.

There are rules.  First, you have to post the name of the person who gave you the award....did that...then you have to pass the award on to other blogs.  Next, you comment on their blog to let them know you passed the award to them.  There are so many good blogs out there.  This won't be easy. This is just a sampling.  I hope they'll accept this award and that you enjoy reading their blogs as much as I do.  So, here goes.

Conscious Gardening-Cheryl is an artist, and you can see it in her garden and her blog.

Great Stems-Meredith likes to learn about nature and pass her knowledge on to the rest of us.

Dung Hoe- Rosey lives in the high country of Colorado.  Beautiful country and she does a beautiful job.

Go Away I'm Gardening-Amy is, like me, learning to garden in Central Texas.  I'm learning from her learning.

Wabi-Sabi Home and Garden-This is a fun blog about the adventures of the Curious Holts, gardening and remodeling in Austin.

Sharing Nature's Garden-Diana has a lovely garden and shares her knowledge of making things grow.

Dig, Grow, Compost, Blog-Jean lives and gardens in Louisiana.  Her photos are beautiful.

Window on a Texas Wildscape-Sheryl is a writer and shares her stories of wild things outside her window.

These are all fun and informative blogs.  I hope you visit and see what I mean. 

Thanks again LeSan for passing this to me.


  1. Hello Linda,

    Congratulations on getting this award! I have seen it floating around and wondered about it. Now I know! I also wanted to thank you for honoring my blog as well. You are a sweety! I love your blog and it is a well deserved award!
    Take care, sweety!

  2. Thank you for the award Linda! I'm honored. It's so hard to pick out just a few blogs among the many good ones out there!

    btw, I absolutely love your new dry creek bed. I want and need one of those so bad!! Your gardening area with that cute fence is really coming along. I can see that by next year you're going to be having a lot more fun in the garden!

    Thanks again,

  3. Rosey and Jean,
    I'm so glad it was ok to pass this award to you. I never know, because it makes some work. All that HTML stuff.
    I really enjoy your blogs. I spend way too much time reading blogs, instead of actually gardening. But, it's so much fun.

  4. Congrats Linda...and thank you! I'm going to have to investigate this further! I'm so giddy! Have a great Turkey Day!

  5. Hey Linda - Thanks for the blog award - so sweet of you. I'm afraid I got behind and Amy sent it to me as well. You are both so kind. Have a great Thanksgiving.

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