Friday, January 3, 2014

Wide Shots....January 2014...

Heather, over at
shows a Wide Shot of her
garden, every month.

It's a good idea.  Let's her document the progress...or not...of her garden.
Hers is doing great, by the way.

So, I'm going to play along.


When I go out for the paper, each morning, I go across the street and put our
neighbor's paper against his door.  He's had some health issues lately, and it's not
easy to get that paper, from his driveway.

So, this morning, I took my camera with me.
Above, is the view they have from their driveway.

Got most of the front in.

Just not the Drive Bed...
which looks ok, except for the Spanish Bayonet Yucca,
that the precious deer have ruined.

Closer, from the street, the
Island Bed
looks ok, for January.
A bit of color, from Yucca, Palm and Prickly Pear.
The Mexican Feathergrass will perk up in spring.

Another shot.
Looks cold, huh?  It was.

The New Front Bed is hanging in there.
After having to redo it, because of the flood, it's had a challenge.
Some plants washed away.  Others have been pulled up a few times....
precious deer, again.

And, speaking of precious critters....see what the Armadillos have done?
The least they could do, is dig up the rye grass that washed down from
the golf course.  They've turned the mulch, and underlying cardboard,
upside down.
Precious, indeed!

The New Side Area is doing ok.
We replaced the mulch here, too.  Still needs more...
and, the rye grass is really coming up well here, too.

This walkway needs some work.  We replaced most of the gravel mulch that
washed away.  But, it still needs a bit more.  It's covered with leaves right now.
Our son-in-law came down and swept off the roof, and cleaned the gutters.
My job is to do the rest.

After a cup of coffee, and warming up, I went out to the
Fenced Yard.
The sun was bright, and it had warmed up a bit.
Looks all green here.  There is some clean up of things that have frozen.
But, it's not too bad.

That's Trixie, one of our Grand-dogs.
She's Shih tzu and French Bulldog.
An interesting combination.

Did I mention it was cold this morning.
19F here at Patchwork Garden.  We live in a low spot.

But, cold is relative.  It's much colder in other places.

And, speaking of relatives...
our son took his family to New York City yesterday, for an after Christmas trip.
Good timing, huh?
But, they're enjoying it.  Central Texas folks don't see snow that often.

Join us over at Heather's, to see more Wide Shots.

'Til later...

Take care...


  1. "precious"...i was cracking up! the armadillos do that over here too - so annoying! oh I mean "precious" ;) At least so far I have not had to worry about deer. I really enjoyed seeing your wide shots, and especially love that pic of your fenced yard. You have a ton of space/beds...I look forward to seeing how things evolve. Thanks for playing along! Happy New Year to you too!!!!

  2. Deer eat Yuccas? I'm coming to understand that maybe deer eat everything, which makes me glad that we don't have any in the vicinity. No armadillos either. However, we do have "precious" raccoons that dig up even fairly established plants and tear them up into tiny little pieces. Anger at not finding grubs maybe - or simply wanting to help me divide my plants - who knows?

  3. I believe the technical term for a shih tzu/bulldog mix is a bullshit. :)

    I'm going to do wide shots, too, now I just gotta get up tomorrow morning and do it.

  4. Your deer and our rabbits... Yet the garden survives, and what you have surviving makes the place. Your sipping coffee, while looking at what's growing and what's not...perfect!

  5. Winter is a good time to assess the garden and yours is looking good even with the setbacks. Everything is getting back in place now and your trees are so pretty all the time. I find myself trying to warm up before setting out into the garden too but you are so much colder there. Still more cold on the way brrrrr....

    I love your gate, the one with the stars and have been looking for a similar one with no luck so far.

    1. We used The Fence Guy...good name, huh? He's here in Wimberley, and has a web site.

    2. Thank you Linda, I went to his website and the gate is shown. We will contact him when we add to the fence this year.

  6. Great idea to do a wide shot each month. Change becomes the new norm and we no longer see it. I often see hope when I look at early pictures of our garden--how sparse and small it was. Now we have abundance...and pruning jobs.

    Do you water before hard freezes? I'm trying to decide what to do for tonight...

    1. We try to water before hard freezes, if we can. It helps the plants get through.
      We haven't had much rain the last few weeks.
      This wind may be drying it all out, though.

  7. I enjoyd your wide shots. Deer are a terrible problem in many places, our problem animal has been badgers! I'm really surprised by your comments above about water before a freeze that's something we'd definately try to avoid. Many plants survive cold but never wet and cold.


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