Wednesday, January 1, 2014

On Day One...

Hope this first day of the year is being good to you.

I've decided to commit myself to a photo a day...

365 days.

I've watched others do this, and their photography skills improved over the year.
That's what I'm hoping for....improvement.

I may or may not post every day.  But, I will post every photo...
here, or my photo blog, or at least my Flickr feed.

We'll see if I can keep it going.

So, here's the first day.

New Year's Day.
Gotta have those black eyed peas.

Happy New Year!!

Let's make this the best year, ever.



  1. Oh so happy to see you. You are always so good at visiting and leaving such lovely comments ON my blog, I did not have anyway to say "thanks". Hopefully we will "see" you more often in 2014. Happy New Year, Linda. PS...while growing up in Texas we had to have black eyed peas every New Years for "luck". Oh I do NOT like the taste of black eyed peas at all, but Mom insisted every year.

  2. Happy. New Year. I have never made this dish . It's about time.


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