Saturday, January 4, 2014

365...Day 4...

this 365 project just might be a real task.

We've been putting away Christmas decorations, 
and getting ready for a big 

Not just what I call a 'drive-by freeze',
but one that lasts for hours.
We've already had one of those this winter.
But, you have to get ready, every time.

Anyway....I took a picture for the 365.
A 'detail' of the front door wreath.
Just might leave this wreath up for a Winter Wreath.
It's not all that Holiday.

I added a quick border, from Pixlr. far I'm 4 for 4!

'Til later...

Take care...


  1. Lovely wreath on your front door. Mine is still up as well. Now you know why I fail miserably at keeping up with a 365. But it is nice to see you posting again!!

  2. That is a beautiful wreath. Our house feels a little bare without all the Christmas decorations. I admire your 365 day picture project. Stay warm!


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