Thursday, January 9, 2014

This and That on Thrusday...

Yesterday was drizzly, all day.


The day before, the low was 12F.
Yesterday, it was 39F
And, today it was 54F!

As they say....If you don't like the weather in Texas,
just wait a minute.

Whitewing Dove

After a bit of fog this morning, the day has turned out to be 

Squirrel harassing Maggie

I got out and took a walk around the back.

The creek isn't running much.
It's quit coming over the cart path and waterfall.

It stops here, in this pond area.
It must soak into the ground here.  

Looking back from the pond, through the Deer Grove, to the house,
you can see that the rye grass is still green.
This tree, which didn't make it through the drought,
fell a while back.  When we had the Halloween Flood,
the water rushed through here, to just beyond the first upright
trees you can see.  WAY to close too the house, for my comfort.

Back up to the house....the sun makes the bottle tree look like stained glass.

The hummingbird feeder our oldest granddaughter gave me for my birthday
dropped its feeding tube.  But, it still makes a pretty ornament.
Makes 'stars' on the siding.


From the other side, the sun shining through it is just beautiful....
like the day.


By the's my offering for #7 of my 365....
silicone potholders.  A gift from our daughter.
I love them.

'Til later...

Take care...


  1. Enjoyed taking a stroll through the garden with you today. It was beautiful when the sun came out - I spent some time outside, too, walking dogs and picking up. Like you, it inspired me to take some photos and come inside and blog for the first time since the holidays. Looking forward to more days like today.

  2. Heh, that's what we say in Chicago, if you don't like the weather stick warmed up from -16 on Monday to 37 on Friday, that is over 50 degrees, but it's still cold and yucky here. At least you have some pretty green grass to stroll thru, we have muck. Pretty little hummingbird feeder, too bad the tube broke. Did the hummers come to it??

  3. I like that little cluster of lichen/moss and the stroll through your yard was wonderful. It's hard to imagine that not everyone is buried in snow!

  4. Your photos are peaceful. I really like that special gift from your granddaughter - the light it casts is gorgeous.


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