Thursday, January 30, 2014

We Got Lazy....

We like to feed the birds.
They're fun to watch....
flitting around, jockeying for a place on the feeder.

And, it makes a great place to get shots of them.
The photo above is from a few weeks ago.

This was yesterday.

This is today.

Another feeder bites the dust.
It was in many pieces.  Brittle plastic, made more brittle by 
freezing temps.

We have an on-going battle with squirrels and raccoons.
I gave up counting how many feeders they have ruined.

This one I found at a garage sale, for $5.00.
The last one they tore up, cost WAY more.

We've tried ones designed to keep those rascally critters out.
But, how to keep them from taking them off the hooks,
and throwing them to the ground?

I refuse to give up.
We like watching the birds.  
So, we'll get another feeder.

We just need to remember to bring them in at night.

'Til later...
Take care...


  1. A squirrel baffle (generally) works for the squirrels for me, but oh, those raccoons can be such pests when it comes to feeders! Thankfully after bringing them inside overnight for a couple weeks, the raccoons forget about the feeders for awhile. Good luck!

  2. How frustrating! And just as frustrating to have to bring it in every night. I bet the birds are missing their buffet. I saw a show one time on squirrels - no matter what they did to try to keep them from getting to the bird seed, the squirrels got to it within 10 minutes! Made me realize how smart squirrels really are (but annoying, too).

  3. Try the Squirrel Stopper or just the baffle


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