Sunday, February 9, 2014

Another New Feeder...

This crazy winter continues.
After cold and damp and temperatures not out of the 30sF,
we had a day of sun and almost 80F!

We spent the day outside, working in the garden.
There is a lot to do out there.

The new bird feeder arrived.
Not all that pretty, but maybe it will last.

It rotates when something heavy gets on it.
So, squirrels are thrown off.

And, large doves.
I kind of like the doves.  I prefer the small ones, but we seem to have 
mostly Whitewing Doves.  They can empty a feeder, almost as
fast as the squirrels.

This one just couldn't understand why he couldn't get that seed.

There was some thrown on the ground,
so they got something, after all.

The feeder is attached with a clip, on a long chain.
If raccoons can get this one down,
they can have it.

The day was so nice,
the moon decided to show up early, to enjoy it.

We ended the day, on the porch,
watching the sunset through the trees.

We're having another one of those days, today.
More work in the garden.

Then, tomorrow we're forecast another round of 
cold and damp.

Hope you're having a good day,
wherever you are.

'Til later...
Take care...


  1. This weekend weather has been beautiful and closer to typical February weather. I've been out in the garden too trying to get ahead of the next wave of cold. Eventually we will warm up for good. That feeder looks like it just might work.

  2. I am almost jealous on your beautiful day today. We had a wet and stormy day again, went only out with the dog. My hands are itching to start to work in the garden, so much to do out there. This kind of feeder is new to me, but it might work throwing the squirrels off. By the way I love those cute squirrels.

  3. That poor confused dove! Will be interested in how well the new feeder keeps heavy critters away from the seed.


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