Friday, February 21, 2014

Beautiful Visitor....

I posted this over on my photo blog, for one of my
Project 365 photos.

But, thought I'd share with my garden friends.

He's a Red-shouldered Hawk.
Just beautiful.

I'd just set down on the porch, after pulling a few million weeds.
He flew threw the Deer Grove, and up into a tree.

I'm glad I had my camera at hand.
He posed quite nicely, and the sun setting on him 
added to the beauty.

Have a great weekend.

'Til later...
Take care...


  1. They are so majestic. You made a great capture.

  2. So very beautiful, I think the hawk is watching you.

  3. Gorgeous photo. I agree with Cat... they are very majestic.

  4. Great photo. I always worry for the little birds when I see the hawks around. Tell them to watch out.

  5. Gorgeous Linda -- what a treat to see!


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