Thursday, March 6, 2014

This and That....

It's been a while, since I posted.
It's been busy around here.

Lots of weeding and cleaning up, getting ready for Spring.

We had some out-of-town guests, and took them over to see 

Then we ended up in Gruene, for an early dinner.
Can't go there, without going to Gruene Hall.

We had this little guy come into the yard, one morning.
He was acting a bit strange.  Not aggressive...just like he felt bad.
He rested a while and then went off.  We thought he was ok.
Later, Animal Control (I wasn't even aware we HAD Animal Control here) came.
They went down to the creek with a cage.  Then they came back up with him inside.
I'm hoping they helped him.

We got the privilege of replacing the water heater.
Luckily, it only flooded the front porch, through the overflow pipe.

I couldn't help myself, and after a few days of 70s and 80s,
my daughter and I went to some garden centers, and I planted.
Mostly some 'Color Guard' Yuccas and some rosemary.
But, also some geraniums.

Silly me!
I forgot to cover the geraniums, and they froze.
So, I can buy and plant them again.

Such pretty, warm days, make you feel like the cold is over for good.

The Red admirals were flitting around everywhere.

We had some dense fog, the first day of March.
It was warm and humid.

Then, ANOTHER cold front.
We went from 75F to 25F, in just a few hours.

Out on the porch,
we have a fountain, that the birds love to come to.

Standing there, looking out into the Grove,
this little Titmouse came for a drink...not two feet away.
He didn't notice when I moved to take his picture.
They're usually very timid.

We were lucky enough to miss the ice that they got to the east and north of us.
We did get some hail, and sleet, and enough rain to bring us to .75 inches, for the year.

All in all, except for this yo-yo weather, it's been a good year, so far.

I've been doing good, with my
Project far.
The photos here, are for that.  I've been posting them on my
Photo Blog, and Flickr feed.

That takes up a bit of time, editing, etc.

So, that's what's happening here.
Have you been getting ready for Spring?
It is coming.
I promise.

'Til later...
Take care...


  1. That cute little titmouse is amazing, you were so lucky to be able to make such a wonderful picture.

  2. Some nice goings on in your garden despite the cold weather. The fog photos are especially nice.

    Spring will be here soon....

  3. The painted churches look beautiful. I've never heard of them before.

  4. It's easy to be tricked into thinking that winter is over when temperatures jump up to the 80's. Texas weather never ceases to amaze me. I've made a command decision for next week. I'm going to plant my tomatoes on Monday and move forward with my warm weather vegetable garden. I'll keep extra row covers on stand by just in case.

  5. Wonderful pictures! I've always wanted to take the Painted Churches tour. Maybe I can put that on my Spring to do list:)

  6. Do you promise spring's coming? I can hardly believe it after that last cold snap. The photo of the trees reflected in the puddle is stunning - and so artistic! Sorry to hear about your geraniums. I didn't plant geraniums, but some other things, and I'm hoping they will make it!

  7. Those are stunning scenes, especially the fog. Your rainfall sounds more like our year-to-date average...we are about .20". The painted churches sound worth a side trip, my next time in Austin.

  8. Gorgeous photos! Keep up the good work with the 365.

  9. Yes, I've been getting ready for spring and the getting ready for winter. I'm sick of taking things in and out and now they are saying maybe another freeze this week. Your photography is first class. Love the little titmouse and butterfly. We never have been to the painted churches. Did you have to make sure they were open before you went?

    1. Thanks.
      Most of the churches are open all the time. There was one we couldn't go into the sanctuary, but could stand at a railing and see it.
      Stopping in Schulenburg for a map, helps. These little communities are not all on the big Texas map.
      It's worth the trip over there.


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