Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wide Shot for Foliage Follow-Up...

I am way behind posting on here.

I'm late posting the
Wide Shot,
to share with Heather at 

But, since most of this garden is foliage,
I'll combine the Wide Shot with 
Foliage Follow-Up, with 

This winter, has made a mess of some plants, like this Sago Palm.
There's still some green, so hoping it'll perk up with new growth.

The same for this Foxtail Fern, on the porch.
I've left the frozen parts, for protection.  But, I think it's about time
to get them outta there.

There are some places on this Golden Barrel, that look a bit bad.
But, it's still firm.  This poor thing was under water, for about six hours,
when we had the Halloween Flood.
Along with the cold, I'm surprised it looks this good.

Other things look almost un-touched by Winter.

This 'prickly pear' could be the wave of the future,
in Central Texas gardens.
The Rosemary and Mexican Feathergrass, have held up really well.

We replaced the Color Guard Yuccas that had either washed away,
or been messed with, by the deer.  Deer love to pull things up.
That's why we have old tomato cages over these.

I found a Sotol at Natural Gardener, on sale.
The girl said it just had 'cosmetic damage'.
Hope she was right.  There was only ONE good root, when
we planted this.  Then, it blew over, with our 40 mph wind, after this photo.
Now, it also has a tomato cage.

The pansies are doing really well.

And, the Rose Jasmine has been blooming.

We got a new bird bath, that we nestled in a Gold Dust Acuba.
I like the colors together.

And, another bird feeder.  It's been getting a lot of business.

These bags say 'mulch' on the back.
But, these are 2 cubic foot bags of garden soil.
We spread 20 of them...along with some bags of compost.

I'm hoping that Spring will really arrive soon, and I can stop taking
these in and out of the garage.

And, finally...
guess who needs to go to the beauty parlor.
It's been too long.

That's what's going on here.
Be sure to visit Heather and Pam, for more good gardens.

And, oh...

Can anyone tell me what this is?
There are several coming up.  I'd say Texas Persimmon.  But, these have been green all winter.
Texas Persimmon doesn't stay green....the mature trees, anyway.
The acorn is to show the size of the leaf.

Hope you're having a good weekend.

'Til later...
Take care...


  1. Not sure what your seedling is, but I like your "prickly pear"!

  2. We had we had to do some heavy duty pruning this year. Love those color guard Yuccas. Your bird feeder is so cute.

  3. So sad to see your sago palm in that shape. I'm amazed that it's coming back green! So much has been damaged this winter, but so nice to see signs of spring. And I love your bird bath! The colors are beautiful, and it does go well with the acuba.

  4. Not shabby - the metal cactus can take all your wet and dry periods. Your tough winter shows, but the green looks promising on everything.

    My vote is the new seedling is a live oak; juvenile foliage can be different, and those oaks are especially odd. I thought TX Mtn Laurel, but your plant doesn't seem to have compound leaves.

  5. I've been very impressed with my gold dust acuba. I have one in a pot with a fox tail fern. The acuba made it through the winter like a champ, but the fern may have bit the dust. I cut back all the dead stuff on the fern and I'm waiting to see what happens. Btw, I agree with dryheatblog, your seedling looks like a live oak to me.

  6. Hmmm...Live Oak. We have tons of Live Oak seedlings. This doesn't look the same. I'll have to look again.
    If it is a Live Oak...out they go!

    1. Your seedling looks too evergreen to be TX Persimmon / Diospyra texana, but its leaf does resemble that, too.

  7. Oh it is so good to see your green and know that you have been in your garden working. I am afraid it will be awhile before that happens here, but it will happen. What a lovely home and yard you have.

  8. You have a lovely garden area! I love the variety and textures of your cactus. Beautiful birdbath!

  9. your metal cactus is pretty cool! and the combination with the bird bath is very colorful. hope spring arrives for you soon!

  10. I think I'm also going to start adding some permanent plants which don't need water to my yard, too. I think my grass corner would look great with a bird bath and a metal cactus.

  11. Love seeing your garden in winter! I'd never considered an acuba, but maybe I will now! Great wide shot, foliage, and story!


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