Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What Santa Brought....

This month is moving along.

It's been busy around here.
I'm trying to Simplify things, as we put away Christmas decorations.
Funny how much time it takes to

I've been keeping up with my 365 Project...
a photo a day for A WHOLE YEAR!
I've been posting over on my
Flickr page.

But, I wanted to take a minute to show you what Santa brought.

Yep...a windmill.

Isn't it pretty?

It's out in the new area.  My vision was to see it through the Grass Bed.
The Gulf Muhly is still looking good.
I have plans for more grasses.

We have a star theme going on here.
So, this fits right in.

It's purely decorative.  But wouldn't it be nice, if it was pumping water?

With our wind lately, it's getting a work out.

I like it.

The weather here has been like a yo-yo.
It's been so dry, the temperatures have been really up and down.
Below freezing, for lows. Then, 70s and 80s in the afternoon.

We've been having a colder winter, than last year.
One morning, it was 12F, after being below freezing for several hours.
I'm pretty sure I'll be replacing some plants.

The challenge of gardening here, continues.

On a happy note:
Our daughter is CANCER FREE!!

We are beyond happy.  Two different cancers, in two years....
well...let's just say...that puts the garden challenge in perspective.

And, even more good news...
our son-in-law has found a good job down here in Texas...where he belongs.

So, we are doin' the Happy Dance around here.

OK....I've gotta go Simplify some more....
and, dig up weeds.

'Til later...

Take care...


  1. Love your Windmill. It looks perfect in your garden. Congrats on your wonderful news! God is Good:)

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  3. Wonderful news for you and your family! The little windmill is pretty and looks good in your garden. I like the combination of the windmill and waving grasses.

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