Monday, January 6, 2014

Three Kings Day....

January 6th.
The day many Christian people celebrate as the Epiphany.
The day the Three Kings reached the Christ Child.

Growing up, we didn't really celebrate this day.
The decorations would be down, long before now.

But, since ours are still up, 
I think I'll show you our little 
'Nativity Scene'.


This has been in Mr P's family, for more years than anyone knows.
Over a hundred years, at least.
It's not marked, but we think it's German porcelain.
My mother-in-law's mother was first generation German American.
Her father came over from Germany, alone, when he was twelve.

Some pieces are missing. 
The Mary and Joseph are from something else.
The original Mary is gone.
I think maybe the figure in blue might have been Joseph.
But, we make him a Wise Man.
The donkey is cracked, and the angel (out of this picture) and one of the
Wise Men, have lost hands.

But, the Baby Jesus is in tact.  Cradled in his little manger.
The perfect symbol of the lasting HOPE
for PEACE and JOY.


So, just as I thought...I missed a day of the 365, yesterday.
I'm supposed to take a photo a day.  But, the day got away from me.

So, I took a photo today, for yesterday.
Is that breaking the rules?

I think this exercise is for me.  To practice my photography.
So, I'm bending the rules a bit, today.
I'll try to do better.


We're having a bit of cold here today.
The new/old feeder, that I found for $5 at a garage sale, 
is getting a lot of customers.

When I mentioned in a text that it was chilly here,
our son-in-law sent a picture of himself, so we could compare.
He's back in North Dakota, today.
It's a bit 'chilly' there, too.


He's staying inside, now.  Everything is closed down there for today.
Their wind chill is minus 31F.  It's warmed up a little.

Hope you're safe and warm wherever you are.

'Til later...

Take care...


  1. The memories are special in the little nativity. Brrrr, now that's cold in North Dakota. Very, very cold.

  2. Sweet baby Jesus; always in tact.
    Your son-in-law gave me a chuckle...that's just too cold. So happy we'll warm up by Wednesday. Hope he does too.

  3. The coldest wind chill I've ever seen was not in Denver in high was in Oklahoma, at -30 or -40F. No wonder I ended up in San Diego after graduation, then Abq and El Paso! Very nice nativity scene...and an heirloom...I wonder where my late parents' is?

  4. Oh that cardinal! wow!! Stay warm!

  5. I heard on the news now cold it was in ND -- brutal! And kudos to you for your 365 project. I've contemplated doing one on a separate blog, but so far it's just a plan. And time is of the essence.

  6. You have a real treasure here with that nativity set...being over a 100 years and still in the family!! How wonderful.
    Love the photo of the cardinal.

    Just popping by to introduce myself...another Texan saying howdy to you. I followed your linking in a rural journals commenting box.


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