Monday, July 16, 2012

Bloomday and Foliage Follow-Up....July 2012

Here I am again...combining two days in one...
  Garden Bloggers Bloomday
Foliage Follow-Up

I really don't have much new to show you.
But, here goes.

The basil is doing pretty well.

The orange Esperanza is finally blooming.

There are two different types of Ruellia blooming....the dwarf purple...I think it's 'Katie'.

And, a taller pink variety...maybe 'Brittoniana'?

The purple coneflower is blooming.
It doesn't do too well.  I think it needs more sun.

This is the sum total of blooms.  The cage is to keep Willow..the cat...from jumping from the fence onto it and breaking it down.

I got a Pam's Pink Turk's Cap the other day.
It's on the opposite end of the Fenced Yard,

from a red version.

Purple heart with lamb's ear.

And, purple heart with sweet potato.
The purple foliage brightens up a lot of things.  And, it likes sun and shade.

I took down the pot tower I had before.  It's was listing quite a bit.
Just two pots make up this stack.
Top one has Dianella..Flax Lily..and the bottom has Angelina sedum.
Mondo grass is growing around it all.

More Dianella and silver ponyfoot.
And, one of several pots of begonias we have.

The narrowleaf zinnias are putting on blooms.

And, I found one plumbago bloom left from last night's rain storm.

This purple morning glory hitched a ride with the ruellia from our old garden.
Once you have this, you will always have it.
It's pretty, though.

The Hyacinth Bean has been blooming and putting on beans for a few weeks now.

Good old green liriope is blooming.

We have two varieties of liriope...this is also known as Aztec grass.  It's bloom is white.

The cannas are putting on foliage...but, no more blooms yet.

Out front, the Island Bed is holding it's own.
Funny, we had a lot of rain yesterday and the mushrooms didn't show back up this morning.

The fig did have a lot of fruit on it.  They're all gone now.
It's way too close to the house.

But, I like the foliage.

I mentioned we had a lot of rain yesterday.
Almost two inches in 45 minutes.
That's fast.

I'd been over to check out the creek the night before.  It was completely empty as far as I could see.
Then last night, we were on the porch and could here it coming.  It's what they mean by
'Flash Flood'.  Suddenly it was rushing like a white water river.

I'm not sure you can tell from this picture.  The grasses are laid flat by the rushing water...maybe 20 feet from the creek bed.

The roaring water had settled way down by morning.

You can see it almost dug up these grasses.  But, they're tough.  They held on.

It was light enough to see, but too dark to photograph last night.
The power of water is awe inspiring.

That gives us a total of a bit more than 5 inches for the week.
We'll take it.  Just prefer slow and easy.'s it going in your garden?

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Bloomday and Foliage Follow-Up.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Lovely photos. I liked seeing the creekbed photos. Folks who don't live in Flashflood Alley have no idea how sudden and how violent it comes.

    Like your pot tower. That's an idea that begs stealing...

  2. Nice storm, and as I sometimes have to argue with clients, "those plants, once established, can take floods and fast-moving water." Your's is the perfect illustration. Your Ruellia plants would be my envy, not that the rest isn't...the power of rain!

  3. You do have a lot to show us for July, I especially like the orange esperanza.

    Flash floods are impressive and once you've seen one you do take it seriously.

  4. I just admired Katie dwarf ruellia anew on Shirley's blog, and now here it is in your post. The flowers are pretty, but I really like the long, narrow leaves too. I'm going to have to plant more of it this fall.


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