Monday, February 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers Bloomday, February, 2010

There’s not much blooming here at Patchwork Garden, right now.  It’s been cold.  And, it’s been wet. 
The happy little faces of the yellow Violas are shining.  They’re tough little things, even if they do look delicate.

blue pansy
In the same family, is the pansy.  There’s this blue one….

yellow pansy
…a yellow one….with a touch of freeze damage.

viburnum buds
The Viburnum in the front bed, has put on buds.  I’ve never grown Viburnum before.  Last year, I don’t remember seeing buds.  Maybe, it was the drought.

That’s it, for here.  If you’d like to see other gardens on Bloomday, visit Carol at May Dreams Garden.

And, join us tomorrow, for Foliage Follow-Up.

I hope your Bloomday is a happy one.


  1. You have some pretty blooms. I love the little violas.

  2. I love my Violas cannot beat them for color in cool weather.

  3. Violas are my favorite too and although I don't have any blooms yet I see some have germinated. You will love the viburnum. It is such an easy bush- green leaves all year and those lovely buds in January which open very early in the spring. Even after all that cold.

  4. The violas are my favorites, too.

    In fact, after a haircut for me today, I stopped by Natural Gardener, and got some more.

    The viburnum gave us some nice green last summer, even with the drought. It was here when we got here.

  5. Pansies are so sweet! I don't have any viburnum, but everyone says I should. Some day!

  6. Gotta love those pansies and violas for keeping us going even in winter.

  7. Looks like everyone has fairly short posts for the GBBD! I'm also fairly new to viburnums but I really do like them. Especially the fact that they seem to be the first to get buds in late winter/early spring.


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