Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Weather in Texas...

Growing up, and living in Texas, I've always heard the saying, "If you don't like the weather in Texas, just wait a minute."  Meaning, of course, it changes.... fast.

Two days ago, we were standing in the sun, and the warm wind, watching our granddaughter play soccer.  Today, it rained, it sleeted, and it snowed.

 We didn't get much.  And, with temperatures just above freezing, it didn't stick very well.

But, it was pretty.  The Cardinal, on the feeder, didn't seem to mind.

It built up pretty well, on the deck.

And, over toward the waterfall, you can see it, through the grass.

Just like the pavement of the street, the rocks along the creek didn't hold onto much.

 I should've gotten over there, sooner.

But, it's interesting, seeing the prickly pear, sitting in ice pellets.

It soon began to slow down.

Then, it was over.  The sparrows were back at the feeder, for a late lunch.

Folks to the north of us, got much more than we did.  And, they got a lot more actual snow.
But, this far south, "winter precipitation" is not that common.  We tend to get excited over it.

Our daughter, who lives in North Dakota, laughs when she thinks about how excited she used to get, when it started to snow.

So, if you like icy weather, you had some.  If not....

...just wait a minute.


  1. Beautiful photos Linda! I understand the excitement completely. You can take a Texan out of Texas but...

  2. It's strange where snow and cold weather is this winter. We've had such a mild winter, no snow at all.
    I don't think I realized how big your property was. I love all that open space and trees, it's beautiful there!

  3. Thank you for posting so much of your landscape! I've been wanting to see beyond Rio and the fence since I started following Patchwork. And what a wonderful creek! Looks like you have perfect wildlife habitat.

  4. Oh...not all of that is ours. Some belongs to the golf course. But, they don't do anything to it. And, I don't think they care what we do, as long as we don't build something on it. But, nice for us, is that it will stay 'wild'...no condos going up behind us.

    The creek winds beside our house, on the other side of the cart path...then along the back of our house. We can hear the waterfall, when we're sitting on the porch. It's nice. You get the feeling you're way out in the country.

    Maybe I need to do a post about the whole place. I have so much outdoor 'remodeling' to do. For my own records, I should do some before and afters.

  5. Isn't the weather crazy this year? One day warm then a cold front. Why can't it settle down. I have always loved our weather in past years but this winter has me down. Bring on spring, please!


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