Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day July 2009

Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens , garden bloogers around the world celebrate what is blooming in their gardens at the middle of each month.

Here in Central Texas, the heat and drought has taken it's toll on many of the plants that might be giving us a show this time of year. With a lot of work to keep things alive, here's what's blooming in my garden.

A pretty pink begonia in the shade on the porch.

A yellow bulbine keeps hanging in there, again on the porch, out of reach of the deer.

A bright pink calibrachoa, in a hanging basket on the garden fence. The deer don't bother this. Bright hot orange and yellow of a gaillardia. A new hanging basket of landmark lantana. Love those little pompom blooms.

Mexican oregano.... A coral periwinkle, to replace the chomped gazania.

A white periwinkle, to replace the chomped gerbera daisy. Deer don't seem to like periwinkles.

The cool blues of a plumbago. Soft pink upright ruellia.

Bright red, heat loving verbena.

And, last, but not least...

Candy Lily, pardancanda norissii, from the old house. This is another plant the deer haven't touched. It's from the iris family. The bloom is only a couple of inches across, and only lasts one day. It blooms much better if deadheaded each day.

So, that's it from this garden in the central part of Texas. What's blooming in your part of the world?


  1. I do appreciate how hard it is for you to keep blooms going there since I used to garden in Austin for several decades. But your blooms look great! It's also interesting to see what the deer won't eat. Some of them I wouldn't have expected, like the callibrachoa. Hang in there! We're having the same heat and drought in north Louisiana so maybe we'll both get some relief soon!

  2. The flowers are beautiful. I especially would like to have the coral periwinkle. That's the colour I dont have!

  3. I love the background color on your makes the photos pop...and by the way, they a delightful. I also showcased Candylily...aren't they wonderful! gail

  4. What an interesting gaillardia! And your bulbine is still blooming - mine stopped - should I have deadheaded it? Will have to get some Mexican oregano. love its little blooms.

  5. Lovely blooms - I take it you have deer who eat your garden? :(

  6. Thanks to all. Yes, we have deer. Later in the day, after I took the photos, I went out to check things and the periwinkle and ruellia had been chomped! They leave things alone for a while, then's gone.

  7. Hi Linda, what beauties you are growing. My favorite is the bulbine, love that color and wish we were just another zone warmer. I am tempted to try it anyway. Love the candy lily, we have one with a similar look, and no freckles. :-)

  8. The blooming bulbine caught my eye, too Patchwork Linda - mine is alive but no flowers in ages.
    Remember seeing the Pardancanda years ago in catalogs but didn't realize it could grow in Texas...very interesting!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  9. Linda, I h*te them pesky deer! I lost so many daylily scapes this year! I grow the vincas because they leave them alone Love that coral shade! Lantanas are one of my favorites, too. Thanks for sharing these lovelies!

  10. Hi Linda, boy, do I ever empathize with you about the deer! Lately, they've been eating whatever they can around here. Not just my phlox and lilies-but my hosta as well;-( And last night they ate my Impatience!! Arrgh! You have a zillion lovely blooms in your garden! I had forgotten about the vincas...I used to plant them. It's time I do that again, especially sinc eyou said the deer don't bother them!


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