Thursday, February 2, 2012

Yesterday was beautiful.
The temperature got up to 84 here at Patchwork Garden.

And, the sun, at the end of the day lately, has been beautiful, too.

It bathes everything in a golden glow.

Today was cloudy, but warm.  I have a lot to do outside.

But, I can't dig an new bed here.  It's too muddy.  And, more rain is forecast.
That's not a complaint, by the way.  We need the rain.
But, I'd like to get this project going soon....just in case it starts to get more than warm soon.

All that grass is going away.  We're going to put in some rocks and drought tolerant plants.
We want very little water needed here.

We have to get out and find some Primrose Jasmine, too. 

To replace the ones the power company 'trimmed' last summer.  Should have done this already.

With the rain, a lot of great gardening weather is going to waste.  All the projects will still be there, though, when things dry out.

I picked up some Ball Moss and stuck it in a pot.  Makes a pretty little container 'plant'.
to perk up the porch.
I think this moss is interesting...and, we certainly have plenty.

So, are you getting that spring gardening bug, yet?

Happy Gardening...


  1. 84F? Wow...that is going to cook those deer into venison! My stomach talking again... Looking forward to seeing what you'll do on the right side of the driveway. I'm keeping my mouth shut...well, maybe!

    1. Hey...speak up all you want. I like hearing your ideas..whether I use them or not. :)

  2. Love that first photo, golden light is so pretty.

    I've been thinking the same thing today that if we keep getting warmer it may be too hot to get much done very soon.

    DD keeping his mouth shut when it comes to landscaping? I'm not sure that's possible! His comments on mine have been most helpful for sure.

    I read a few years ago that a tourist from Boston took ball moss home and won a garden club award with it. I couldn't find the article, but I remember he displayed it still attached to the live oak branch just as he found it.

    1. I'm not sure I'd ever win awards with it. But, it is interesting. I like it, now that I found out it really doesn't hurt the trees.
      I made a wreath to hang on the veggie garden fence one year, for Christmas. I've stuffed it into empty pots for interest in the winter. It's plentiful, free, and one of my favorite things...the deer don't eat it!


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