Friday, February 3, 2012

How Different This Year Is....

One year ago today, this is how the driveway looked.  
We'd been very cold for several days.  Here at Patchwork garden, it didn't get above 24F for three whole days!  That's really cold, for here.  And, we lost quite a few plants.

Then, we had this dusting of sleet and snow.
We were getting ready to leave for our Big Trip,
and wondering if the road would be icy for our drive. we are a year later.  It's cloudy, and we're forecast to have some more much needed rain.
But, right now, the temperature is 73F.  And, it was even warmer a couple days ago.

How different this year has been.

Have a Good Weekend...


  1. Thank goodness! That cold weather can stay away. I hope we're both posting some good rainfall totals tomorrow!

    1. We got a lot of noise last night, but not much rain. Hopefully there's more in store today.

  2. Hard to believe the difference in temperatures from last year to this year. Personally, I don't think we are going to get a really hard freeze this year. I would like it to dip below freezing for a couple of days just to kill off the mosquitoes, but I don't see that happening. We do get our coldest weather in February though.

    1. I'm hoping the freezes are over.
      As far as mosquitoes go....our daughter lived in North Dakota a few years....just last week, they moved to south Kansas. As you know, it gets REALLY cold up there. And, they have TONS of mosquitoes. So, freezing weather seems to do nothing to kill them. I've never seen more mosquitoes anywhere else but Florida. It's all that standing water from the snows, up there.

  3. It is chilly and windy a year later, but nothing like last year...we had 85 hours <32F. Your photo of the swing near the tree, with that green grass, is just amazing, especially for late winter.

  4. The green grass is winter rye. It is everywhere. We live on a golf course, so I guess it either washes in or blows. It's growing in places I can't see how it would wash in, so maybe the blowing part is what happens.

    It is amazing, though. All that area was brown and dead during the growing season. Hope it's not just winter green.


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