Sunday, February 12, 2012

Little Bit of Heaven....

A while back I told you a little about Wimberley, TX.

Well, Michael Barnes, who writes the Out and About column in the Austin American Statesman,
has an article about Wimberley's town square. 
It's a good article.

Go here, to read more about our Little Bit of Heaven.

Hope you're having a great weekend.

Happy Reading...


  1. That is a nice article and fills in a lot of detail about the town "square" and other things. TFS

  2. ... and your new header looks great too!

  3. I agree with Shirley, beautiful new header! I need to get out that way sometime soon. Wimberley is such a special place.

  4. Thanks for the nice words about the header. I was a bit nervous about doing it. But, it worked out....nothing blew up...haha

    Wimberley is a great place. We feel really lucky to have landed here. It's beautiful..the people are nice. And, it's a nice slow pace of living.

    We love it here.

    Thanks for dropping by.


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